A focus on Japan

Exploring lesser seen Japan by motorcycle.

Tohoku Motorcycle Tour.

I just completed a 6 day tour to the Tohoku region and despite some discomfort from my previous broken collar bone I had a wonderful time exploring the ever beautiful Japanese countryside. My original idea was to take a ferry up to Hokkaido and ride back but I thought it […]

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Noto Peninsular Japan motorcycle tour

I have not been able to do much motorcycle riding in Japan this year. The weather has been cold with rain for months. Last year was apparently an odd one with low rainfall but this one seems wet so far. Seems in Japan there normally is no dry season. Basically […]

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Southern Japan Autumn motorcycle tour

A window of fine weather appeared in early November before winter. It was already very cold to ride North however the southern temperatures remained mild so I decided to seize the chance to try a more ambitious tour here before winter ends the riding for this year. One of the […]

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Fukushima autumn motorcycle tour

I have read often that October is the best month for riding Japan. So I made sure I was here, even shelving other travel only for there to be a two typhoons! I was beginning to wish I had made other arrangements but eventually the rain eased so I decided […]

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Mini Japan motorcycle tour

Well time to pack the bike and move to Kanagawa region but I am taking a couple of days to get there so I can detour to Nagano and the high mountains. I will miss seeing all the beautiful mountain streams in the Aichi and Gifu area. Leaving via Gifu […]

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Kawasaki Good Time World

I visited the Kawasaki world in Kobe Japan. It is not a large display however reading about the other things Kawasaki build was of great interest. For example I knew they made some of the trains operating in Tokyo however not also many other cities trains in Japan and Asia […]

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