A focus on Japan

Exploring lesser seen Japan by motorcycle.

Fukushima autumn motorcycle tour

I have read often that October is the best month for riding Japan. So I made sure I was here, even shelving other travel only for there to be a two typhoons! I was beginning to wish I had made other arrangements but eventually the rain eased so I decided […]

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Mini Japan motorcycle tour

Well time to pack the bike and move to Kanagawa region but I am taking a couple of days to get there so I can detour to Nagano and the high mountains. I will miss seeing all the beautiful mountain streams in the Aichi and Gifu area. Leaving via Gifu […]

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Kawasaki Good Time World

I visited the Kawasaki world in Kobe Japan. It is not a large display however reading about the other things Kawasaki build was of great interest. For example I knew they made some of the trains operating in Tokyo however not also many other cities trains in Japan and Asia […]

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