For many people social media has replaced blogging however the content posted to Facebook is mostly forgotten in days then is lost as it doesn’t show on Google search. Some inspiring rides that were only posted there have all but disappeared. 

This is why I think it’s great having a blog or posting to a forum. Quite a few of my rides were inspired by other people, for example the Vietnam Coracle’s site has been huge help but if his info had been put on Facebook I never would have found it. And old ride reports remain a source of my inspiration, actually much more than any of the recent POV videos being spammed to Horizons page.

A few bloggers that have inspired some of my rides: 

Sarawak Adventure Rider 

Vietnam Coracle

Orsons Travel Blog (alas this once great blog is currently abandoned) 

Motorcycle Meanders

Motogirl in Thailand

I Have a Dream

Moto Mania

A smaller motorcycle forum that has inspired some of my riding:

Ride Asia

ADV Rider forum is so big many of the best ride reports are buried under the more contrived. Here are a couple I found interesting and inspiring. 

Ride for Smiles

Around the world in 800 days

Angola, its not like they said

Pakistan on a GS 150

Rental shops I can recommend: 

Pop Rider Chiang Mai Thailand

Flamingo travel HCMC Vietnam 

Rocker Moto Zagreb Croatia

QT Motorbikes Ha Giang Vietnam

Tigit Motorbikes Da Nang 

Mandalay Motorbike Rental

Kros Rental Antalya

The best motorcycle road guide for Europe:

Motorcycle Diaries

Other links

Motorcycle bloggers I read. 

The Road to Nowhere

Fuzzy Galore (Mysteriously now region locked)

Lady on Motorbike

Confessions of an Ageing Motorcyclist 

Itchy Boots

A view from above


Bandit Rider


 Daves Viewpoint

The Church of the Open Road Press

Moto Mania

Tombstones Travels

Tales from the road

Rider Chris



Bike tech 7

On Her Bike

Moto Mentals

XT Adventures

Notiers Frontiers

Tsigane’s Blog

Maja’s motorcycle adventures

Alas my blog list keeps shrinking as people quit or become Youtubers.