Further reading

Some of my rides were inspired by people who posted their travel on blogs and I share a few here and other sites I found interesting.

Moto Bloggers and other sites I find interesting

I’ve noticed some rider blogs are difficult to access, try clearing your cache and for blogs that try stop you using adblockers then it is easy to block that so your browsing remains ad free. I’ve not linked any of the Australian motorcycle review/motorcycle writer sites because they all publish nothing but paid promotional fake reviews of bikes and gear to please distributors, even that bloke who keeps spruiking his machismo bullshit all the time.

Moto touring guides

Motorcycle Diaries – a fantastic resource for best roads in Europe

Ride the Highlands – A good site about riding Ontario

Motorrad Strassen – Germany best motorcycle roads and German official motorcycle route

Moto Route – Superb guide to the best motorcycle rides in Romania


Most motorcycle forums were sadly abandoned when Facebook Groups arrived however the ones that remain are superb libraries of information compared to groups where info soon is lost.

ADV Rider – this forum is so big many of the best ride reports are buried under the more contrived. Here are a couple I found interesting and inspiring. 

Ride Asia – a motorcycle forum that has inspired some of my riding in SE Asia, friendly with no lame pay walls like GT Rider.


I’ve come to hate motorcycle Youtubers who spam their videos on every Facebook group so I am not going to post any but here are two professional channels with mostly unbiased content.

MC Commute

MC Commute has been reasonably good since Adam took over the role. He usually gives the viewer some insights into possible negative facets of a model in a subtle way not upsetting the manufacturer and will praise bikes not to his particular taste if they are genuinely good in their class – something lacking over at the Daily Rider channel.


Some excellent content, especially when Ryan explores older model motorcycles, some of what is posted is nonsense but largely BS free factual videos.