Good Motorcycle roads

These maps are my riding records of good roads and not meant to be professional nor definitive.

Good Motorcycle Roads in New Zealand

With the demise of the other sites listing good roads in New Zealand I have decided to try document them myself. This will probably lack some local knowledge however I have ridden there 3 times and also driven around the country and have covered a good portion of the roads […]

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Best motorcycle roads in Japan

I have completed 100,000km touring Japan by motorcycle. I made this map initially just so I knew which roads I had explored because it got confusing with the extraordinary density of roads in this country. It was never intended to be a guide for others but I decided to share […]

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Fantastic motorcycle roads in Thailand

This map was made some time ago for my own reference, nothing definitive. As of 2020 I have completed six motorcycle tours in Thailand and sampled a portion of the best roads. I marked some of the better ones and shared this for anyone interested in riding there some years […]

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Good Motorcycle roads in Australia

I first started posting about bikes and roads to ride around 1996 to a ‘home page’ (remember those?). That turned into Motorcycle Paradise on Blogger in 2006 and became this WordPress site in 2019. Along the way I posted maps with the roads I toured in Australia, then later Thailand […]

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