Spain, Ireland, Sicily, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Look forward to riding here more in future.

Balkans motorcycle ride

I was not planning a ride in Europe as I had to travel to India however with time on my hands I found rather than fly direct to India I could go via Europe for same price. That got me thinking about riding the Adriatic coast which has been on […]

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Sicily Motorcycle Ride

I have had an interest in Sicily for since childhood thanks in part to some of my family having grown up with the Italian community in Innisfail North Queensland which had a strong connection to Etna region Sicily. An opportunity presented itself recently to make a small visit.   First […]

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Andalucía Motorcycle Ride

Whilst I more or less decided not to do any more riding in Europe circumstances changed and I unexpectedly found myself flying to Spain for a couple of weeks. I dusted off my plans I once had for riding Andalucía. Spain had been one of the places on my bucket […]

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Motorcycling around Ireland

I set off recently to do a ride of Europe and managed to tour Ireland before having to put the rest on hold. I took my previous post about my plans down to reword but now I shall just write a little about riding the Emerald Isle. My plan was […]

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Europe Alps Tour

Ultimate Alps Tour with Edelweiss In May 2020 during the lockdown I revisited this post and realised I had at the time barely written anything about this tour and posted a mere dozen images that were straight from the camera (since I did not start post processing my photos until […]

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