My riding in Africa. I plan to add Morocco in the future but otherwise not a destination that I am desirous to revisit.

South Africa Motorcycle Ride part four

Day nine I depart Oudtshoorn and ride route 62 which seems like the route 66 of South Africa featuring in most ride reports. First up is the excellent Huisrivier pass. Then I stopped like everyone seems to at Ronnies Sex Shop. Its a bar with a story and seems uninterested […]

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South Africa Motorcycle Ride part 3

Day Seven Up early today shopping for a phone. The big name models are too much but a local carrier branded Android phone is affordable. (See part two for why I am talking phones) The phone stolen was 4 years old but still ran better than this new one. Reminds […]

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South Africa Motorcycle Ride part two

Day four. Leslotho. Leaving Clarens I enjoyed more of the Golden Gate national park. Difficult to capture in a photo but grand landscapes as I had hope to see in Africa. Next stop Leslotho. Perhaps the most casual border I have crossed. A teenage guy at the immigration stamps my […]

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South Africa Motorcycle Ride

I have decided to bring forward the last few big ticket items on my bucket list of rides before I make excuses not to do them. One of those always included South Africa, so I am going to try ride from Johannesburg to Cape Town. It’s a very long way […]

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