My road is forever new…

Hello, I’m Warren, writer and photographer of Motorcycle Paradise, a free independent website about motorcycle travel.

There is no sponsored content here whatsoever. No paid reviews, no pay walls. I finance all my rides and gear myself. I am not a skilled writer but what you get is honest accounts of my real experiences which is increasingly rare in a world of Ai generated click bait, press releases masquerading as reviews and ‘content creators’ spamming their YouTube channels to every Facebook group.

I started Motorcycle Paradise blog in 2006, however it’s roots go back to 1995. It was originally a “home page” (as personal web sites were once called) back when WWW was in it’s infancy with just one megabyte of storage. It moved a few times but never became anything much until landing on Google’s Blogger platform in 2006. Now it is a WordPress site with over 40GB of motorcycle stories.

The name of the blog comes from the region I used to ride most weekends, Northern Rivers, Australia. This area was once described as a ‘motorcycle paradise’ in one of Australia’s motorcycle magazines and that stuck in my head.

The blog grew considerably after I left my career in 2013 to ride the world, choosing to measure my success in life by my own values not by material things or opinions of others. What seemed to many the dumbest thing I could do turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made. 2022 I was diagnosed with cancer. You never know how long you might have left to do what you have dreamed about.

The good news is I have had successful surgery and so far remain clear. I have resumed riding motorcycles and am continuing to tick off my ride bucket list.

I’m aware that everybody now is a YouTuber. I used to shoot video, actually for a decade. However the few photos I took became precious memories whilst the video was never viewed again. This site is my travel diary, it needs only please me. I happen to prefer photography and find GoPro footage boring and contrived.

The great thing about blogging is despite being out of vogue it remains a superb way to record your travel. It also gives you total control over your content and ensures you never lose access to your precious memories – something that happens with Facebook and YouTube more often than people realise.

This site is designed primarily for viewing on a PC but I try to deliver a reasonable mobile device version – just check the guide if are not sure how to access all the sites content on your phone.

Thanks for visiting.