Hello, my name is Warren. Daydreamer, lover of spicy food and wine snob.
Motorcycle Paradise is my two wheel travel journal. I quit my career in 2013 to do the things on my bucket list. I write so I don't forget and I publish here to encourage myself to do more.

I launched Motorcycle Paradise in 2006 on Blogger. The name chosen originally to describe my local riding region in Australia but now fitting for Japan. Blogging might be out of vouge but I'm not trying to please everyone - just myself.

Still photography could also be seen as outmoded in this YouTube era. I spent twelve years on video in the past, long enough to realise I was shooting video to entertain others but preferred photos for my personal memories.

I'm no wordsmith but neither am I selling anything or begging you to subscribe. Thanks for visiting.

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P.S. You may find references in old posts to ‘Iron Chef’. Early days on Blogger users were prompted to create a Pen Name and at the time I chose that pseudonym as the crazy TV show was then a surprise hit in Australia. Fate led me to later meet the real Iron Chef 坂井 宏行 Sakai Hiroyuki, but that's another story...