Hello, I’m Warren. I enjoy travelling by motorcycle and dabble in photography. 

I’m aware that everything now is YouTube and blogging is out of vogue however I’m not trying to please others or chasing fame. This site is a personal travel diary.

I used to shoot video, actually for a decade, but I never wanted to watch any of it again but the few photos I took became precious memories, so I don’t do video anymore because photos are what I enjoy to look back at. Adding some words further helps me remember and thus blogging is perfect for me.

I have declined all advertising and sponsorship or paid reviews and do not permit guest posts. Basically the opposite of Youtubers who have all sold off their integrity and will say anything for a few cents.

2022 has been the most difficult year of my life, diagnosed with cancer and forced to leave my home in Japan it was everything hitting me at once. The good news is I have had successful surgery and my future prospects have been upgraded but of course remain uncertain. I am upbeat and have started planning new motorcycle travels for mid 2023.

Thanks for visiting.