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Georgia Motorcycle Ride

Georgia is a destination I had on my bucket ride list for few years but had thought to leave for later. However after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and with Russia already occupying parts of Georgia I decided perhaps I better go see it sooner rather than later. I reduced […]

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Transylvania Motorcycle Tour

I think every biker has a few roads on their bucket list. The Transfagarasan in Romania is one such road for me. I knew about this road well before the three stooges of Top Gear made it famous by calling it (in Clarkson’s voice) the “Greatest road in the world” […]

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Book Review – Adventure Motorcyclist

Adventure Motorcyclist by Dr Gregory W Frazier. I saw this book mentioned on Ride in Asia forum so picked it up on kindle and basically read it in a few long sessions on my flights and layovers during the 30 hour journey from Townsville to Warsaw. (and a warning this […]

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