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Islands of Japan Motorcycle tour – part three

Eihme to Miyazaki Day 5 I am continuing my motorcycle ride to southern Japan. (See part two here) I have a big ride in the mountains of Shikoku planned for today. Shikoku is for me one of the best riding destinations in Japan. It is low population and has a […]

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Islands of Japan Motorcycle Tour – part two

Wakayama to Ehime Day 3 (Part one can be viewed here) I woke up early as I do every day on tour because it is like a Sunday ride day every day. No buffet breakfast at this hotel the restaurant was under renovation so I went to the 7/11 which […]

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Islands of Japan Motorcycle Tour

Kanagawa to Wakayama People tend to think of Japan being all crowded cities and bullet trains but it consists of over 7000 islands, a similar figure to that which is celebrated by the people of the Philippines. Many of these islands are populated by small communities and a network of […]

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