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A Motorcycling Paradise I became aware of Sardinia being a motorcycle destination back when we had print magazines and manufacturers wined and dined journalists at new bike launches in special riding places. From regional Australia it was four flights and three days to get here. I flew with Cathay Pacific […]

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Book Review – The best of Peter Egan

By Peter Egan I’ve read some of Peter Egan’s writing before and decided this collection would provide a way to pass some time on another long haul journey to ride a far away place. Peter is a very talented writer. I wish I had a fraction of his skills. The […]

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Froggs Toggs Pro Lite Rain Suit

I’ve tried many items claimed to keep you dry riding in rain and most have proved to be useless in one way or another. Jackets with Gore-Tex zip in liners work as long as the outer layer of the jacket does not get waterlogged. They come with a ‘Durable Water […]

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