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A visit to Honda Motorcycles

Another item ticked off my list, I rode up to Motegi to visit Honda. I was waiting for two fine days in a row, I had to settle on one and a half, the finest period for the month. To get north is either a 120km detour to avoid Tokyo […]

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Love at first sight

Motorcycle #8 No logical reason to buy another bike at the time. Visiting the HD/BMW dealership they had one example of the final Buell XB series, a 2009 XB12R.The ongoing issues with my Brutale contributed to my decision but in hindsight I could have fixed the MV. This last model […]

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Motorcycle fly ride tour packing and my solution to one way rental

Wait! Itโ€™s not as much as it seems – just everything spread right out as next photo shows once together. Iโ€™ll list what I take for trips beyond SE Asia before showing my one way baggage method. (SE Asia far less) From the rear is my Alpinestars Andes goretex jacket. […]

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