This is an archive of pages from my old web sites. Back before the Top 100 rides atlas and Google maps there were no online resources about the best roads so I started to post places I had been riding on my old home page.

In 2006 I launched Motorcycle Paradise blog with the initial 40 posts being about the best motorcycle roads I had ridden. To this I added more good roads and that collection for many years was very popular with riders in Australia and visiting riders from overseas not sure where to find the best rides.

I have long since transferred everything to Google maps and removed most of the original photos. I keep these pages for nostalgic reasons and maybe one day I will expand this section with new roads I never got to ride but am not planning to rewrite the descriptions or details about cafes or pubs since I no longer live in Australia.

The other subsection is my old Sunday ride reports that I revived in original Blogger format. Again just whimsical nostalgia for my personal recollection – as is the entire site basically.