This is a collection of content from my older web sites. Originally I built a home page in the mid 90’s about best motorcycle roads as a way to learn HTML. It was dial up modems, scans of print photos and paper maps since that was before digital cameras and Google.

I didn’t do much more until Blogger arrived which offered what was then amazing one click publishing to a blog no HTML required. With the arrival of digital cameras it became affordable to photograph anything too so the blog shifted to be about my weekend rides like many others moto blogs at the time.

Much of the older content I have since deleted however those original posts about the best motorcycle roads in Australia have remained popular all this time. They are archived now in this section of the blog, the original photos and maps were too old and have been replaced as well the old description I felt was too dated so has been removed.

More recently I decided to salvage some of my old weekend ride reports as well just so I can save those photos from being lost and since I miss living in that part of the world.