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A Better Luggage Strap For Riders.

Securing a bag to a bike is simple thing, but I have a couple of tips. I have tried numerous types of straps, flat, round, thin and thick. The most versatile I have come across is the design below. This is a 2 metre stretch cord with two additional sliding […]

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Japan Backroads

Mini adventure It’s peak summer in Japan, mid 30’s and 60% humidity which makes the ‘real feel’ about 40. Reminds me of my home state in February. I used to ride at home that time of year so with new tyres and fine weather thought I’d give it a go […]

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If in doubt, choose adventure.

For a long period I used to regret the dumb stuff I did. Now I only regret what I did not do. Friends view life differently to me and by societies reckoning have taken longer strides. But there are no set paths you must follow, and just a limited amount […]

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