Japan Riding Info

This section is a work in progress to bring together and provide easier access to info I have previously posted about riding in Japan.

Japan vehicle ferries. Timetables and how to use.

If you are going to really explore Japan by motorcycle then you will need to use the ferry network. *This page is very much a work in progress being updated gradually* Here is the beginning of a list of ferries I have used. The sites are all in Japanese so […]

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Best motorcycle roads in Japan

I have been touring Japan by motorcycle every year and made this map initially just so I knew which roads I had been on already, because it got confusing for awhile. It was never intended to be a guide for others but after some requests I decided to share it […]

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A guide to motorcycle touring Japan

Riding a motorcycle in Japan is a very special experience. A land with a rugged spectacular coastlines, a mountainous interior as high as European alps with deep valleys criss-crossed with superb roads. It is also one of the safest places on earth with no petty crime. It is easy to […]

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