What’s New

A huge improvement in speed from August 2023 with the purchase of Autoptimize Pro plugin. The blog had been slowing down and displaying images had reached snail pace. I asked my host Namecheap to investigate the slowdown just to have the support agent crash the blog. With Autoptimize Pro the images are now being automatically optimized and cached and frankly its the biggest improvement in site speed since I moved to WordPress.

The transfer of old posts from Blogger to WordPress has stalled. There are 11 remaining and I will get around to this but am occupied for now planning new rides. Until then apologies for the posts that still have formatting problems.

I removed the Euro style cookies notification. Not needed for a non commercial site.

Known Issues

The new image CDN should have fixed the problem of images not displaying – if you still have problems let me know.

Ad blockers may hide social media icons.


I don’t understand the menus? – look at the site map. (note this is always evolving)

The site loads slow? – you do need at least 4G or broadband to view.

How can I download your GPS routes? – link is in the contact menu.

Do you have a YouTube channel? – No I don’t make or watch action cam motorcycle videos.