What’s New

Simplified the landing page and fixed loading speed for mobile device visitors.

50% of the ride reports have images updated from the Blogger items to higher resolution on WordPress as well other fixes. This work is ongoing.

Known Issues

After 13 years hosted on Google Blogger in 2019 I moved to WordPress. This caused all my posts to have spaces between sentences and paragraphs deleted. I am slowly fixing.

Photos will randomly get stuck loading. Clearing your browser cache fixes many problems and clears out all those cookies tracking you.

Links from my Best Australian Motorcycle Roads Google map to the posts here are broken. Another issue from moving to WordPress. I will get to this at some point.


I don’t understand the menus? – If you are confused look at the site map.

I have not received any new post notifications? I cannot migrate old subscribers to new site and first two WordPress subscriber plugins I tried did not work. (Now working)

I can’t find an article? – The menus are all new so most external links will be broken and I deleted a lot of old content. No good for my page rank but I’m not trying to win popularity contests.

The site loads slow? – It’s a photographic site, you need broadband or 4G to view.

Why don’t you do YouTube? – The blog is my travel journal. Video is a format for entertaining others.