What’s New

Simplified the landing page and other improvements for mobile device visitors. Menus have been reorganized.

50% of the the tour archive now has images updated from the original Blogger items to higher resolution on WordPress. This work is ongoing.

64 previously removed Brisbane rides are back with upscaled images and can be viewed in The Vault section as well the best motorcycle roads Australia archive had a small refresh.

Known Issues

After 13 years hosted on Google Blogger in 2019 I moved to WordPress. This caused most of my posts to have paragraph and sentence breaks missing. I am slowly fixing the old posts but you may encounter some of this for a long time yet.

Some mobile users reported difficulty with the portfolio sections of site – I have altered the way these link to articles and hope this is now resolved.


I have not received any new post notifications? I cannot migrate Blogger subscribers to new site or the RSS subscribers either.

The site loads slow? It’s a photo centric site thus is designed primarily for large screen viewing via broadband connection.

I can’t find an article? – A lot of old content has been moved to new menus or archived which probably messes up links and my rank on Google but I’m not trying to win any popularity contests.

Why don’t you do YouTube? – Video is for people trying to please others – this blog is for my own enjoyment.