Current issues

After 13 years on Google Blogger in 2019 I changed to WordPress. They say it’s easy but frankly that’s BS. The import tools cannot handle a large blog, the posts that do import are a jumbled mess and you never seem to recover you rank on Google. I’m still finding messed text and images to fix. Thanks for your understanding.

2020 I moved from Amazon Web Services to Namecheap. The virus this year has provided lots of downtime so I have been updating old posts from 2010-2015 and redesigned many other aspects while still finding and fixing problems.


I have not received any new post notifications? Sorry but I cannot migrate Blogger subscribers to new site and WordPress doesn’t seem to support Feedburner to migrate RSS subscribers either.

The site loads slow? I am aware it’s slow on phones and analytics show 55% of visitors are using mobile devices but it’s a travel journal designed for PC. I’m not aiming to please everyone.

Some post dates are clearly incorrect? This is another problem that happened when I moved to WordPress. I’ll try fix but I can’t remember the original dates since things go back to 2006.

I can’t find an article/I get redirected? – Over 150 old posts were not imported from Blogger. Some were out of date and many refused to import but I have now added a link to the older rides in the Vault section.

Why don’t you do YouTube? – Frankly the last thing the internet needs is more GoPro ride videos.

I am from XYZ company and your blog came to our attention. We are wondering if you are interested in us doing a guest post to your blog? – No.