Current state of affairs

The text formatting has errors in some posts? – Yes when I moved to WordPress it was a huge mess. I am still finding things a year on.

The post dates seem to be wrong? This is another problem that happened when I moved to WordPress. Some posts lost their original date.

I was looking for ‘such and such’ article but it seems to be missing? – Yes 150 old posts were not imported from Blogger to here. I am going to link to some older Sunday ride reports in the Vault section but I have retired some really old stuff.

The blog runs too slow for me! – It’s media rich by design. Its almost 2020 and I think this is minimum level of content a site should have these days.

Why does the content style change so much? – Different platforms, different editing software, a dozen different cameras from 24mp back to 3mp and even some images from film.

I am from XYZ company and your blog came to our attention and we are wondering if you are interested in us doing a guest post to your blog? – No, not at all.

Where was the cover video shot? That was on the island of Flores Indonesia relaxing after a fabulous ride around the island.

Are you going to start doing YouTube? – Nope, never. I realise people are too lazy to read these days but I am not aiming to please everyone.

I can’t comment on a post? – Yes I have turned off commenting on older posts since spammers always target them.