Current state of affairs

The text formatting has errors in some posts? – Yes that’s true, when I moved to WordPress paragraph spaces were lost and the spaces after full stops in sentences were lost. Its a monumental task to fix. I have made a quick pass over posts to insert paragraph breaks (although sometimes in wrong spot) however fixing every missing full stop space is beyond me at this point in time.

I was looking for ‘such and such’ article but it seems to be missing? – Yes you are correct, 150 old posts were not imported from Blogger to here. I am going to link to some older ride reports but much of the other content is now too far out of date.

The blog runs too slow for me! – It’s media rich by design. Its almost 2020 and I think this is minimum level of content a site should have these days. I can run it on most providers I have used while on the road so if it’s really too slow to load then I’m sorry but you gotta take a look at your internet provider.

Some of the older posts have no image linked? – Yes this is another legacy of Blogger where the blog was previously hosted. The tour posts should now all be fixed but older articles may stay as is.

Why does the content style change so much? – Posts prior to April 2019 were made on Blogger with many limitations and going back in time in the posts that becomes more obvious.

I am from XYZ company and your blog came to our attention and we are wondering if you are interested in us doing a guest post to your blog? – No, not at all.

Are you going to start doing videos? – Nope, never. I realise video looks better on phones and younger generations can no longer read but I am not aiming to please everyone. This blog is designed foremost to be viewed on a computer screen, by people who appreciate a good photo says more than a lot of amateur video and who prefer to read which permits them to and digest information as they prefer.

Site Map

This is always evolving but to assist you in finding content on this site here is a map. The latest rides feature on the home page but there is no latest posts across all sub sections as of writing so perhaps I will try build that into site next. I am slowly but continually tweaking things as time permits. I left the contact button off this map too, that is far right.