Current issues

After 13 years on Google Blogger in 2019 I changed to WordPress. They say it’s easy but frankly that’s BS. Most of the text formatting in posts became screwed up and will take years to fix everything.

Google was downsizing all my photos on my Blogger site (most shown here are still linked). I am finding originals and uploading here and salvaging whats left on Blogger to transfer but with about 5000 photos this will take awhile.

Regardless, glad I moved. Not being interested in video, having my photos displayed better (and preserved before further downsizing) is worth the effort.


I have not received any new post notifications? I cannot migrate Blogger subscribers to new site or the RSS subscribers either.

The site loads slow? Despite about 55% of people viewing the site by phone it’s not designed for mobile devices. It’s a photo centric site for large screen. Sorry but I’m not trying to please everyone.

I can’t find an article? – The move from Blogger coincided with a cull of 150 old posts. It was a surprise then to see incoming traffic still being directed to old whimsical nonsense I wrote 13 years ago but those posts are all deleted.

Why don’t you do YouTube? – Frankly the last thing the internet needs is more crappy gopro ride videos.