What’s New

Added a Guestbook; Compliance with Cookie laws; Revised the Site Map, Privacy Policy page and Bio page.

Ongoing; transfer and update of ride reports from Blogger to WordPress – 52 of 72 now complete.

Known Issues

This site is designed primarily to be viewed on a PC. This is not an issue just a heads up if visiting on a phone you are not seeing the full website.

After 13 years hosted on Google Blogger in 2019 I moved to WordPress. The result was loss of paragraph gaps and spaces after full stops in some posts and photos messed up in posts. Gradually this is being fixed.


I don’t understand the menus? – If you are confused look at the site map.

I have not received any new post notifications? I cannot migrate old subscribers to new site, you need to subscribe again. (Update Feedburner RSS finally fixed but Blogger followers not transferrable)

The site loads slow? – It’s a photographic site, you need broadband or 4G to view.

Why don’t you do YouTube? – The blog is my journal. Video is a format for entertaining others.