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Ricoh Theta Z1 review

Whilst I stop whenever I can to take photos sometimes it’s not feasible or the view from the bike deserves it’s own photo. On bike photos became a hobby of mine and I have tried various devices. You can read about my efforts with action cams and lens only cameras […]

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Hit-Air Airbag Vest

I’ve never considered an item like this really necessary, and my opinion hasn’t changed so how I ended up trying one is a bit of a long story. Before that if you have not seen this video from Fortnine then I suggest to watch it. Ryan explains in a very […]

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Nikon Z50 Vs Lumix LX100M2 Vs Canon G1XM3

With Covid holding many of us back from travel the temptation seems buy a new motorcycle. I’d love to but they are mighty expensive so instead I changed cameras. My current and previous cameras Early this year I traded my Lumix LX100M2 via Map Camera Tokyo on a pre owned […]

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