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Winter Base Layer Comparison

This winter instead of being in SE Asia I found myself in Japan but I have been getting out for small local rides on the coastal roads that remain free of ice. Whilst the temperatures can be cold the right gear makes all the difference and the item I found […]

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Pole to Pole tour part 1. With global travel still some way off I decided to see how far I could travel within the borders of Japan. Quite some distance it turns out. Cape Sata in Kagoshima prefecture is often referred to as a southerly point of Japan but Okinawa […]

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In Clancy’s Boots by Geoff Hill

Book Review Geoff Hill is an award winning Irish journalist and travel writer who enjoys overland motorcycle journeys. This is his 5th long distance adventure and the most interesting of all his books for me. Geoff sets out to retrace the journey made by the first round the world motorcycle […]

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