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New Zealand Motorcycle Tour

South Island Autumn Ride I did not know this was going to be an Autumn ride until I set off and nearly froze. With all my experience planning motorcycle tours I still get it wrong sometimes. I have been to New Zealand before and twice to the south island so […]

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Big, Medium and Small BMW GS’s

I have just completed a tour in Mexico on the BMW 1250GS, a tour in Colombia on the BMW 750GS and I own a BMW 310GS. Seems a good excuse to compare some notes. BMW 310 GS I’ve owned the smallest GS over a year but have not ridden it […]

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Book review – The Zimbabwean Psychiatrist’s Hat

By Spencer James Conway I enjoyed Spencer’s first book. It followed his motorcycle travels around Africa including many dangerous hair raising adventures. However his second book promoted as being the story of his motorcycle journey around South America is not actually that, nor is it very good. At the end […]

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