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Be Seen, Be Safe ?

Update – I revisit this article some years after posting to reflect how my views have changed on this subject. For many years I paid no attention to being visible to others. Then I went through a stage of wanting to be more visible and then come to the point […]

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Joe Rocket Meteor boots

I have purchased some new riding footwear and have chosen a pair of Joe Rocket Meteor boots. I decided I wanted to go for a 3/4 boot that was waterproof. Larger than this becomes less easy to walk in and wear under pants. Being waterproof I think is important if […]

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Helmet Windjammer

I took my previous Shark RSR helmet out for a spin yesterday to revisit an item designed to cut wind noise on helmets I had purchased some years ago. Called the Windjammer II from Proline Sports UK I first purchased this to use on a KBC helmet I previously owned […]

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