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This map was made for my own reference and is not meant to be definitive however as of 2020 I have completed six motorcycle tours in Thailand and ridden many of the best roads and have also collected many interesting points of interest.

I have marked these roads and POI on this map. Click the brackets icon in top right corner to expand to larger map.

Before riding Thailand I urge you to read this guide to the unwritten road rules and way Thai people drive. Thailand is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for riding and has the highest road accident rate – but it also is one of the best road riding destinations.

Update: My ride report from 2019 is also a rough guide to ‘how to ride Thailand’ with lots of info and tips put together from my tours there. You can read that here.

I added some photos below of a few of the roads and you can read my ride reports there in 2017201520142013 to see more about the terrific riding experience there. (also 2020 tour online now)

IMG_1808[4] The most famous 1148 IMG_51071[1] IMG_0354[8] The amazing 1081 north of Nan IMG_3694[3] The incredible route 12 IMG_0332[7] Autumn like colour leaves on 1168 IMG_0385[8] High mountain pass 1256 IMG_1878[4] The incredible 108 and the MHS loop IMG_17523 Even non famous roads are curvy, the 118 IMG_17584 The 120 IMG_17614 The 1251 IMG_51111[1] And so on it goes!


  1. Hey,
    great info!
    How is that chumpon, Ranong, Phuket loop?
    Is it just scenic or does it also come with some nice twisties?

  2. 2331 Phu Tubberk to Phitsanulok is spectacular!The climb up to Phu Tubberk outlook was actually to tight for my FZ1 and my buddies Ninja 1000 with many off camber and VERY slippery sections. But as soon as you get to the National Park gate it turns into biker heaven!! (No charge at the Nat Park if you passing all the way to Phitsanulok) Medium speed (70-80 kph) to fast bends (100-130 kph) for probably 40 – 50 km!! Worth the detour off #12.

  3. why would u be charged to use the road. Thai scammers ?

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