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Just my personal experiences. Not meant to be definitive.

5 small items to help you enjoy your ride

Most riders spend a fair bit of money on a good helmet and jacket and gloves. Some build on this with boots and riding pants and rain gear. However sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference. Here are five things that I cannot ride without now […]

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How I made my Yamaha FJR1300 corner easier

Whilst many people overseas seem ok with the way their Yamaha FJR300 corners, riding on tight narrow roads here and being used to lighter and smaller bikes I wanted to quicken the steering if possible. My motorcycle is 2014 FJR1300A and coming from smaller bikes prior it always felt so […]

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Nolan N43 helmet liner replacement

A small update here while I am not riding. I decided to look for a new helmet but despite being in Japan am not taken with any of the jet style helmets on the shelf here. The Arai and Shoei are comfortable but lack venting compared to my Nolan N43 […]

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Don’t damage your hearing

The importance of being earnest wearing ear plugs cannot be overstated. I used to be one of the guys who scoffed at the idea and claimed they were uncomfortable or I could not bear to ride with them. Then came the day I knew I had damaged my hearing. Here […]

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Restoring a pair of riding pants

I just dyed my old (first) pair of BMW City riding pants and now they look almost as good as when I first purchased them. Originally a charcoal colour they faded to a pale grey which did not look good but otherwise they still were in excellent condition. I purchased […]

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Textile rider gear repairs

I needed to make some repairs to my Alpinestars textile pants which I managed to touch against the hot exhaust of the Honda CBF600 whilst on tour in Germany. It only took a couple of seconds to melt the outer nylon and inner layer and lucky there is mesh inside […]

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