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Wait! It’s not as much as it seems – just everything spread right out as next photo shows once together.IMG_9235

I’ll list what I take for trips beyond SE Asia before showing my one way baggage method. (SE Asia far less)

  • From the rear is my Alpinestars Andes goretex jacket.
  • Next are things not permitted checked in luggage on planes. Chuwi 10” Tablet. Ricoh 360 cam, Sony Q10 cam, Canon G1XM3 + case. Power bank. Passport, documents, etc.
  • Draw string laundry bags, wet wipes, Pegs with hooks, essential for hand washing on road. Power adaptors. Tissues. Waterproof case for GPS. Garmin Nuvi 760. Suaoki micro air compressor. Tyre plug kit. First aid kit. Ultra compact umbrella.
  • Next row I have suncreen, insect spray, deodorant, plastic fork and spoon. Swiss army knife, UV lip balm. Shaver. Set of small containers with soap, shampoo. Febreeze in small mist bottles for ride gear. Octopus straps, bag rain cover. Summer gloves, 3 season goretex gloves, helmet cable lock, visor rain off and antimist, earplugs. USB triple charger and various USB cables.

Phew now to the actual clothes.

  • Pair of jeans (2nd pants out of shot). Face cloth. Sunglasses. Underwear 6. Socks coolmax 3 pair. Uniqlo fleece top (doubles as mid layer under jacket). Buff. Light waterproof over pants and spray jacket. Microfibre cloth.

Getting near the front now:

  • Nolan N43 Air helmet. 3 pair Alpinestar coolmax boot socks. 6 t-shirts – 2 Uniqlo quick dry, 2 Uniqlo Heat Tech, 2 plain cotton. Trucker cap. TCX goretex boots.
  • Front row; BMW City2 pants. Hawkins Traveler shoes. Sandals.

I forgot to show I always take one long sleeve shirt to look respectable occasionally.  Seems an awful lot but lets put it all into small cases, minus the rider apparel.IMG_9248

With the electronics in the carry on bag it’s even less. My main travel bag I place on bike rear seat is a Tatonka 40 litre barrel. Now 13 years old, it’s very tough. (no affiliation) Into this fits everything above including shoes inside nylon bag. (BTW, I used to fold but now I roll, it really does fit more in)IMG_9249

The camera gear from the messenger bag is on me when riding then that light nylon bag is rolled up.But what of the rider gear and one way rental? IMG_9246

Inside the helmet is valuable space.Previous attempts to ship a empty suitcase from A to B while I ride never worked and in some destinations is not an option.IMG_9256This is the Eagle Creek 100 litre roll up duffle with wheels. It stores inside that smaller bag. Once expanded into this goes my Tatonka bag plus boots, jacket, pants and helmet. (note my helmet actually goes inside the Tatonka bag and some items relocated)IMG_9257It is a squeeze but has built in compression straps. It has large wheels at one end and rolls well. When full it maintains shape fine.This bag rolled up can be brought with me, either in bike luggage if available or just piggy back. IMG_9255It easy fits to top of the Tatonka. Naturally the Tatonka first needs to be strapped down firm. The Eagle Creek duffle weighs only 1.5kg so I see no problems but this is untested so will update further. I chose this brand as I have had one of their suitcases for 10 years and it’s build quality has impressed. (no affiliation) Arriving at hotel each day I like to be able to bring my gear inside easy. I have tried bike panniers and multiple small bags but I prefer my one bag on/off system. Rentals without luggage in Asia are no problem. I wish to further reduce this setup however going where 3 seasons of weather is possible (and long trip) makes that a challenge. Your suggestions are welcome.Regards,Warren.

Follow up:For SE Asia my entire kit including helmet fits into that Tatonka bag – I guess I need to do another post to show that.Forgot to mention my QuikPod, a ultra compact tripod. Very handy. I usually take a Uniqlo ultra compact down jacket that rolls up into included small bag rather than their fleece jacket, it is smaller and lighter.
Some small details:In my medical kit I also carry range of travel medicines like cold and flu, diarrhea and headache etc. I always carry different credit cards separate in my luggage along with copy of passport and spare passport size photos.In my carry on I always have earplugs and eye mask, a pen and printed copies of tickets. Never been a trip someone somewhere didn’t insist on seeing paper ticket.Get a case for your toothbrush if you want but always keep toothpaste in zip lock bag or you will have it everywhere.Label your bag, sooner or later it will be lost and you will wish it had name tag with way they can contact you on it.


  1. I initially thought, wow look at all this stuff you take on trips. Luckily you put in the next picture showing it packed neatly into the small bags.
    You are one organised individual and have the bike packing down pat. Well done mate. Good to see, how a pro does it, hahahhaha.

    • I'm getting better Steve. Having small bags and putting everything back into same different little bag each time really helps keep track on items and build a system of packing that can be repeated every day.

  2. Thanks Warren. I was hoping you would do a post about this. Very similar to how I pack for bike packing racing and I am now narrowing down a choice of seat bag that I can use on my BMW here at home and take overseas touring.

    • I'm not a brand person but that Tatonka is a hell of a bag. It has hidden zip out and hook on straps to turn into a backpack. You need a rain cover, I got one off eBay for $1 from China and rolled up it fits in where the carry straps hide out of way until needed.

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