Camera Talk

I have been interested in photography since young however I spent long time shooting video and returned to photography in recent years still a novice.

Sony QX-10 lens only camera

In my quest for good onboard images I’ve tried a few action cams, the Polaroid Cube, GoPro Hero 5 session, a GoPro clone. They all produced reasonable video but poor stills. Not sure where exactly but I came upon this device from a few years ago – the Sony QX-10. […]

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Ricoh Theta 360 SC camera

On my ride in the Himalaya’s I wished I had a way to convey how amazing the landscapes were and got to wondering about the 360 spherical image cameras. I already take a lot of panoramas on my phone but this takes the idea a step further to create a […]

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Apeman A66 action cam

Yes you read that correct, I purchased an action cam called Apeman. It is one of the many clones of a GoPro that you can find online. I was looking to replace my Polaroid Cube that I lost but not with anything expensive or from GoPro as I was disappointed […]

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5 things that have improved my ride photos

I am by no means a good photographer. It is just a hobby that I dabble in, however looking back I can see my photos from a few years ago were poor compared to recently and was thinking what things have I changed. Of course my composition has developed a […]

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GoPro Hero 5 Session Vs Polaroid Cube

My goal with having an action cam was something I could quickly pickup, turn on and aim while riding – to capture things when not able to pull over or just randomly for fun. I enjoy the size and shape of the Polaroid Cube which is easy to hold and […]

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Polaroid Cube Action Cam

I have been testing an action cam on my last few motorcycle tours and it is about time I posted a review. Polaroid is a name I associate with polarized sunglasses and instant cameras. In film days their cameras were very popular and remained so right up to the early […]

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