Australia and New Zealand Motorcycle tours

Motorcycle rides Downunder and New Zealand. Further Australian motorcycle touring content can be viewed in The Museum section of the blog.

Meltdown tour

This post was edited and photos processed  2019 After previously having to cancel this ride I was determined to go this time no matter what so I set out only to ride into one of the hottest days on record. Yes that is 44 degrees or 111F in the old […]

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Buell Muster tour

Best laid plans … Alas this ride ended up being far shorter than anticipated. Combination of wrong gear and an old health nemesis made me turn back. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I did enjoy riding some excellent roads for a couple of days. Riding south via […]

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Australia Moto-GP Motorcycle Tour

This was my first big motorcycle tour. I have updated the photos to higher resolution than originally posted but remember 2006 digital cameras were low resolution. I added and deleted some images also to try freshen this post but left my original words as written at the time. Day One […]

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Mt Kosciuszko motorcycle tour

2020 notes: This was my first ride somewhere longer than overnight. It took place in 2004 and predates the blog. I lost my camera on the trip and only have these few photos from my mate and the text below is from the Australian Buell owners forum where I had […]

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