Part two of upgrading my summer mesh jacket.

Quick recap, in part one I decided I was not satisfied with the level of protection my RS Tachi Crossover summer jacket offered. Living and riding mostly in cooler climate I have become accustomed to wearing more substantial gear than the mesh jackets I previously spent so much time in when living in the tropics.

I have tried using other jackets in peak summer here, perforated leather, textile with venting. If they don’t flow a ton of air, including at low speed in traffic, then with 60% humidity and high 30’s temperature riding becomes unbearable. So I continue to use mesh.

I previously replaced the thin piece of foam fitted as back protection with RS Taichi’s optional CE 2 back protector and noticed the other upgrade they offered was chest protectors. The Dryrider mesh jacket that the RS Taichi replaced actually had built in (basic) chest pads so the idea to add these appealed. However the optional items from RS Taichi were very expensive, as much as the jacket, but I found similar from a rival brand at more affordable price.

Very simple fitment, they just clip on to these mounting points which are more robust and firm fitting than they appear.

Light and comfortable to wear. They will of course block a little airflow but are themselves vented and overall I doubt will make a great difference to the cooling of the jacket.

The combination of both these pads and the new back protector has made it feel a little less spacious around the chest area but I do want the jacket to be somewhat form fitting and not loose flapping as I want the armor to be in place in case of a fall.

I cannot give test ride feedback on these or the back protector right now because it’s mid winter and I need thermals to go outside – the jacket feels a little heavier but in a good way, it feels like it has a bit of substance to it now where as it felt too light before and I assume the upgrade of both these has made it a safer jacket.

But I’m no expert and no doubt someone will argue should use better jacket, some will argue should wear full leather suit all the time or hi-vis (then they ride off like a bat out of hell 🙄). I ride so slow now I could easy switch to a 250cc trail bike like I rode in Philippines and have ample power for here.

I will update this with a road test but I actually hope that is a long time coming which will mean I have been able to travel beyond Japan over the summer this year. Fingers crossed on that, but it’s looking long odds so I’m ready for any outcome.

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