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I did something today I have not dared try for many years. Ride over Mt Nebo/Mt Glorious on a Sunday morning.

It really is such a nice ride. As I have mentioned before I live close by however I have skipped it for some time to avoid the Sunday morning Knee Sliders and Police Blitzesโ€™.

Quiet as a mouse there today. A few motorcycles at the cafe, many more push bikes than ones with engines on the road. Had a really pleasing and relaxed ride just enjoying the flow of the corners and the sunlight filtering through from behind to illuminate everything softly in the early light. Passed one car and saw no other vehicles until bottom of Northbrook Parkway.

I have not been doing much riding the last few months and it shows. My focus slipped more than once this morning so I pulled over to take a look at some heritage farm buildings and old graves just off the road and rest a little while.

A lot of water in the 2 dams and a lot of motorcycles at Somerset cafe. Actually was like a parade (of motorcycles) all the way to Kilcoy and back towards Woodfood, many riders must have been doing a loop over Mt Mee and back via Mt Glorious. Glad I was riding opposite direction.

Rode over the Maleny Stanley River Road and via Dulong to Mooloolah Valley for early lunch. Then some back roads south not really bothered to visit Peachester for the few hundred metres of good road there that everyone over rates.

The old Gympie Rd (above and below) is a nice flowing thing in a number of spots and has not a bad view either. The last bit south was just simple highway riding more or less but not a bad. If anything it was just as good as riding south from Peachester and avoids the crawl through Woodford. 

I would have skipped Mt Mee if I could have done so without taking the highway. Much of the road is bumpy and that 60k limit on all the southern range is mean spirited on such a flowing road. Add the high enforcement and well itโ€™s not a road I particularly enjoy. I went up via Wamuran and up Campbells Pocket road. This is a low traffic back road with a nice set of tight corners, I liked it a lot.

After clearing Dayboro I rode back via Clear Mt and Bunya Rd. As I was riding home I was struck with the thought that of the many roads ridden today the last, Clear Mountain and the first, Mount Glorious were by far the best riding for me, offering plenty of flowing curves enjoyable at a modest pace.

So many corners so close to home.


  1. Anonymous

    Dude I'm loving all the work you've done on your blog. All these ride reports just blows me away. I was gunna do the same thing, but instead I just threw a link over to you. Well done Iron Chef. Stay safe.

  2. IC, the Somerset run was busy cause the Ulysses had their Memorial Ride that day. Seeing as the Ulysses Memorial Garden is at Somerset Park, all the bikes Had to ride that road.

    I popped in for a look see. Bumped into another guy who also popped in for a look. Got to chatting. Rode the rest of the day together. Rode back down to Esk. The small set of shops where the Enigma Cafe is (now called Colonial Cafe) has a Bike Gear store in it. Run by the same people that Used to own the Enigma – I ordered a leather jacket and my riding partner bought some kevlar jeans. Score! Enigma still offers discounts to riders but you have to Ask – if 10% off matters on a cup of coffee and bun. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Ah, sorry Anthony, I got reading the Sunday paper over lunch and forgot :). Very good coffee at the Graze cafe Moolooah too.

    Had my pocket camera with me to gauge if it is much easier than the M4/3rds on the bike but really nothing in it however will take both on tour in case I have a problem with one.

  4. Looks like a great ride IC, the shot of Old Gympie road with that great flowing left/right combination looks awesome.

    What I did miss was the "helmet on the table flanked by delicious plate of food and cold beer or coffee" photo… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great post as always!!


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