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Motorcycle #8

No logical reason to buy another bike at the time.

Visiting the HD/BMW dealership they had one example of the final Buell XB series, a 2009 XB12R.
The ongoing issues with my Brutale contributed to my decision but in hindsight I could have fixed the MV.

This last model got lots of minor improvements made during the series run and was now perfectly sorted machine.

Loads of torque and 100hp in a bike smaller than a RGV250, perfect for the roads where I lived.
The bike was bashed in the press by same journalists that loved the Ducati Monster 1100 – also fitted with a 100hp air cooled twin …

I raised the bars and lowered the pegs which made it comfortable.
The above photo on an overcast day when I picked it up doesn’t convey how striking the bike was in this candy blue, on black and white.

For me this was the last good bike from Buell. Loved the affordable home servicing push rods offer. Buell also built a ADV model prior to the scene taking off. He really missed a huge opportunity not developing that.

No logical reason to sell this bike two years later. It had been perfect. Still a favourite.


  1. Would I be a complete lunatic for looking at one of these now? A 10+ year old bike that no longer has a manufacturer in (continuing) business?

    • Well not really. If you can get one cheap as they are in Japan then you basically get a bike smaller than a KTM Duke 690, with more power and no crazy service costs. The engines are very reliable and regularly clock up high mileage before needing much attention. Just depends on price.

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