Leaving southern Kagoshima region on day nine my progress is slow, without elaborating I have to stop at every rest room and eventually seek out a pharmacy to get some medicine.Handy to have google translate on phone in this sort of situation.Have to discard my plan to explore Nagashima island, the morning has been lost and I need to make the ferry to Asakusa. IMG_8331

I keep consuming sports drinks to combat dehydration from this morning and feel well enough to carry on.Something quite wonderful about exploring the islands in southern Japan.IMG_8333Lovely coastal vistas, and like Kagoshima region, very few people.IMG_8340I revisit the viewpoint below that I posted on my Goto islands ride located on the western side of Shimoshima island.P1010907After exploring a bit more I make my way to tonight’s hotel that is called ‘Santa Coming Hotel’ honestly, I could not make this up even if a tried.IMG_8342Too tired to explore Amakusa, I grab something light from the local Daily Yamazaki convenience shop for dinner and get the first really solid nights sleep since leaving home.


A lovely looking fine morning on day ten. I set off to look around Ueshima island. It has this feel of having been passed by and in an older time still which I love finding in parts of Japan.DSC01442I’m on some small farm roads to relatively unknown viewpoint I found on Google maps.IMG_8345Pausing at one point the view is already beautiful.IMG_8344But I push on via more narrow road completely covered by tropical forest. I used to get spooked riding a big tourer to these places but now it doesn’t bother me.Still it requires considerable focus. I take a break half way up to enjoy a iced coffee I brought with me.P1010937At last I come to an opening and the end of the road.IMG_8358It is on foot from here to the summit facing the other direction.  P1010954What a spot. This is the Japan so few people experience.
I could have stayed there all morning but eventually I had to make my way back down.The ferry was waiting for me so in no time I was in Nagasaki prefecture and rode straight up Mt Unzen. The view was cloudy today. IMG_8368However the roads around here are superb. Riding up was great, and below the way down. P1010971Most of the roads in Japan are as good as anything I have ridden in better known riding destinations like Europe. But until someone visits here they never believe me.Some more quiet coastal roads after lunch then I arrive at Nagasaki.

IMG_8577A much needed day off in Nagasaki. I was going to revisit the Atomic bomb museum which I had last seen about 17 years ago however I was so tired. I had a craving for western food so had a nice burger and fries for lunch then sat like a zombie. Should of taken a break sooner perhaps. Or just reality is I am not as young as I think I am. Went looking for some nice wine but the Japanese not really into wine, or English. IMG_8376In the end I bought some of the Nagasaki spicy pickles that go well with rice and took the free bus back up the hill to my hotel to take a nap.At number two on my list of things that underwhelm after small waterfalls is the ‘best night views’. I guess if you have never been to Hong Kong or other places with stunning night views.  P1010976Here it is in daytime, much more interesting then.
I ride out of Nagasaki tomorrow after good rest to try visit a lesser known mining ghost island similar to Gunkanjima.See you then perhaps. (part five here)


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