I have owned both of these and a vista throttle lock device and the photon cruise control device and frankly they are all do a rather poor job of giving your throttle hand a rest on long rides.

The original post below is dated so I will try to explain anew the problems with these devices starting with the wrist rest type (ie crampbuster and others)

At highways speed your throttle is rotated anticlockwise about 33-40 degrees. For these to work at closed throttle they need to be angled up not flat as shown in the promo photos. If you have them angled up at close its very hard to not accidentally open the throttle more then you intended as there is not enough space between the device the inner end of throttle.

Excuse this rudimentary drawing as I try to illustrate the problem since i have already sold the devices. The marketing that you fit them flat and then can hold the throttle open is not the reality. Your glove can get caught easy on the device and accidentally open the throttle more than you intended leading to an accident. Look at the photo below and imagine the device is pointing up at the sky, now there isn’t enough space to fit a large hand between that the switch gear case.

Hope this makes the problem with these things clearer – back to the original post now.

Both are small devices that affix to the throttle grip to sort of allow you to hold the throttle open by your palm/wrist so you can release your grip around the throttle and stretch your fingers for a bit. Both when installed need to be angled higher than horizontal due to the amount of rotation needed for highway speeds.


The Throttle Rocker is a good size and curves down on the inside left corner of the lever to interfere less with the throttle when you back off or are not cruising and coming to a stop. It affixes to your throttle grip with a Velcro loop which unfortunately just doesn’t manage to hold it in place for very long. So while it works slightly ok while fixed in place, no matter what I did it came loose.


I purchased the Crampbuster last month for my Easter tour and it is affixed not by Velcro but rather in the way it is designed. It is spring steel that you spread and push onto your grip and once fitted it can rotate up but never down on the throttle grip. That鈥檚 the good news. Unfortunately I found the Crampbuster often made me accidentally open the throttle more than I wanted when on closed throttle.

It is wide and you cannot fit hand between it and switch gear. There is a thin long version, perhaps this would be better. People say simply rotate the Crampbuster up and out if the way when needed and then return it into place however it clamps down really hard and it difficult to rotate is also trying to ride.

If someone sold one with the same shape and size of the Throttle Rocker but with the clamping system of the Crampbuster and little thinner then these just might work.


Theses sort of devices do offer you some means to relax your grip on throttle but are awkward. Still if you are in some pain touring then perhaps try one, the narrow crampbuster would be only one I’d suggest the wide one is not good at all. They are still a better bet than throttle locks in my opinion as throttle locks all have the bike either gradually slowing or accelerating. I have tried a couple and consider them next to useless.

Update, having tried many things over years of touring I have come to the conclusion that neither the wrist rests or the throttle locks offer me any assistance and I have given up on them. As of 2014 I have electronic cruise control and there is no substitute.


  1. Try this one. IMO the only one that works


  2. Hi HappyPuppy, I actually also have a throttle lock device (Vista) however I find engaged it is necessary to constantly adjust my throttle or I end up slowing or accelerating.

  3. I use a crampbuster and love it. It stays in place and when on short rides that I know I won't be using it I rotate it down and out of the way 馃檪

  4. I use one attached to my Kuryakyn grips, stays in place and I have also heard of people with larger hands turning them around so they face out of the grip… works better than the others I have tried including the above.

  5. Love the Crampbuster. Saved my wrist on last weeks tour. Here are my thoughts http://thetop7.net/2011/03/07/reasons-to-use-a-crampbuster-motorcycle-cruise-assist/

  6. Hi there,
    I found this page when I was googling 'Crampbuster Brisbane'.

    It looks like you are from around here. May I ask where you purchased these clamps? Somewhere here in Brisi?


  7. I purchased the Cramp Buster from Aussie Biker shop on north coast (google will find it) as I wanted it asap for the ride I was doing but I usually look for things on eBay to try save a dollar 馃檪

  8. I purchased two Crampbusters last year. They both broke in less than one riding season. I emailed the company three times regarding this, asking for assistance, but they never even responded. I'm done with them. I now use a Throttle Rocker. We'll see. RR

    • The original crampbuster comes with a 1 year guarantee. There are several sellers pushing Chinese knockoffs, If you didn't buy from a authorized crampbuster dealer you more than likely got the Chinese version. Even though they say Crampbuster on the item they have to come from a dealer to be the original with a warranty.

  9. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for the comparison. I have had the throttle rocker and was dissatisfied. But, with time and my hand constantly going to sleep, I have been looking for either another throttle rocker or something comparable. Based on your review, I will try the crampbuster and see how I like it. I remember the throttle rocker kept slipping no matter how tight I tried to make the velcro. Hopefully the crampbuster will be better!

  10. Yes mine is original and made of spring steel which would be hard to break.

    The fault lies in the design which means to have the item horizontal with your wrist at highway speed it needs to be pointing to the sky at throttle closed position. Just getting going with the item fixed at right angle is tricky. If you twist it out of way then need to stop to adjust back again. Nah sorry just doesn't work for me.

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