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I have owned both of these and a vista throttle lock device and the photon cruise control device and frankly they do a poor job of giving your throttle hand a rest on long rides.

The original post below is dated so I will try to explain anew the problems with these devices – crampbuster and similar.

At highway speed your throttle is rotated anticlockwise about 33-40 degrees. If mounted flat at closed throttle then they are facing too far down at highway speed.

For these devices to work as a wrist rest then at closed throttle they need to be angled as shown in image on right and not flat as shown in the promo photos.

If you have them angled up like this then its awkward and very easy to accidentally open the throttle when reaching for the brake as there is not enough space on the grip between the device the switch gear.

It’s probably hard to imagine until you try, I was told all this by people but went ahead and got the devices anyway then said Ah, now I see why people told me not to bother.

Excuse this rudimentary drawing as I try to illustrate the problem since I have already sold the devices. The marketing that you fit them flat and then can hold the throttle open is not the reality.

What would work better is if the wrist rest portion swiveled and sat parallel with the grip when not in use then could be rotated perpendicular when at highway speed but it would be difficult to engineer.

You probably are thinking well my throttle doesn’t turn that much when I am on the highway these things will work for me. I thought the same but found all the throttles on my bikes actually rotate that much. If you decide to try one get the most narrow model.

Hope this makes the problem with these things clearer – I wish I had taken photos of the devices while testing but never thought to write about them until much later. Original post now below.

Throttle Rocker Vs Crampbuster

Both are small devices that affix to the throttle grip suggesting you can hold the throttle open by your palm/wrist so you can release your grip around the throttle and stretch your fingers for a bit. However for this to work both need to be angled higher than horizontal due to the amount of throttle rotation needed for highway speeds which I found a problem when trying to use the front brake lever.

This is not how they need to sit on throttle at idle – this will be pointed straight down on highway

The Throttle Rocker is rounded down on the inside and this interfere less when the throttle is in closed position but still I found I needed it angled up and would occasionally accidently open throttle unintentionally. It fixes to your throttle grip with a Velcro loop which unfortunately just doesn’t manage to hold it in place for very long (flat rubber ring underneath might help). No matter what I did it kept coming loose.


I purchased the Crampbuster last month for my Easter tour and it is affixed not by Velcro but rather by it being made of spring steel that you spread and push onto your grip. Once installed it can be rotated up but never down with how it is designed.

To work on highway the device still needs to be angled up at closed throttle and I found the Crampbuster often made me accidentally open the throttle and it was hard to reach around it to the front brake lever and not be opening the throttle which nearly caused an accident twice.

People say simply rotate the Crampbuster up and out of the way and later on highway rotate into place but I found it still was blocking some of the grip or interfering with the brake lever if pointed towards it. It really is an awkward device to try use however there is a thin version and perhaps this would be better.

My wide crampbuster had a very firm bite onto my grip and difficult to rotate while riding. It marked/scuffed my grip quite noticeably with just a couple of turns from the pressure it has. You will possibly ruin your grip by rotating it frequently.


Theses sort of devices in my experience don’t work. Still if you are in some pain touring then perhaps try the narrow model crampbuster but be aware of the issues.

Better solution would be just to stop for a few minutes break, this will also let you stretch legs and your bum from seat, get the circulation going more to wrists and give you better focus back on the bike. A few minutes stop will not blow out your ETA and will help you ride safer and arrive in better shape. Better than buying a crampbuster would be buy an insulated drink bottle or flask for those breaks.

Related to this I have also tried throttle locks, the Vista and Photon but these either have the bike slowing or accelerating giving no more than a couple seconds relief before you need to disengage.

As of 2014 I have electronic cruise control – there is no substitute but taking a regular break remains how I avoid fatigue on tour, I use cruise control more for avoiding speeding and for avoiding frustration when stuck on a divided one lane road with slow vehicles.


  1. Hi HappyPuppy, I actually also have a throttle lock device (Vista) however I find engaged it is necessary to constantly adjust my throttle or I end up slowing or accelerating.

  2. I use a crampbuster and love it. It stays in place and when on short rides that I know I won't be using it I rotate it down and out of the way 馃檪

  3. I use one attached to my Kuryakyn grips, stays in place and I have also heard of people with larger hands turning them around so they face out of the grip… works better than the others I have tried including the above.

  4. Love the Crampbuster. Saved my wrist on last weeks tour. Here are my thoughts http://thetop7.net/2011/03/07/reasons-to-use-a-crampbuster-motorcycle-cruise-assist/

  5. Hi there,
    I found this page when I was googling 'Crampbuster Brisbane'.

    It looks like you are from around here. May I ask where you purchased these clamps? Somewhere here in Brisi?


  6. I purchased the Cramp Buster from Aussie Biker shop on north coast (google will find it) as I wanted it asap for the ride I was doing but I usually look for things on eBay to try save a dollar 馃檪

  7. I purchased two Crampbusters last year. They both broke in less than one riding season. I emailed the company three times regarding this, asking for assistance, but they never even responded. I'm done with them. I now use a Throttle Rocker. We'll see. RR

    • The original crampbuster comes with a 1 year guarantee. There are several sellers pushing Chinese knockoffs, If you didn't buy from a authorized crampbuster dealer you more than likely got the Chinese version. Even though they say Crampbuster on the item they have to come from a dealer to be the original with a warranty.

  8. Thank you so much for the comparison. I have had the throttle rocker and was dissatisfied. But, with time and my hand constantly going to sleep, I have been looking for either another throttle rocker or something comparable. Based on your review, I will try the crampbuster and see how I like it. I remember the throttle rocker kept slipping no matter how tight I tried to make the velcro. Hopefully the crampbuster will be better!

  9. Yes mine is original and made of spring steel which would be hard to break.

    The fault lies in the design which means to have the item horizontal with your wrist at highway speed it needs to be pointing to the sky at throttle closed position. Just getting going with the item fixed at right angle is tricky. If you twist it out of way then need to stop to adjust back again. Nah sorry just doesn't work for me.

  10. I am perplexed at what you are saying here. Seems some of y’all have completely missed the point/intent the Cramp Buster. It is NOT designed for you to be riding at 70 with a wrist FLAT on the throttle! It is designed to be put in a position that meets your palm at wrist flat (or idle) and allow you to TWIST the throttle the appropriate amount for the speed you want to achieve, but to do it with less stress on your hand/fingers. Its purpose is to allow you to use the leverage of your palm pressing on the C.B. and allow you to relax the strength of your grip on the throttle. That is it! It is not intended to be a throttle lock, nor is it designed so that you do not have to twist your wrist to accelerate or maintain a higher speed. If you are finding that it “gets in the way of your using the brake lever” then you (that is “YOU”) have it adjusted incorrectly! Do not fault the tool for not being able to do something it wasn’t meant to do. Nor fault it for “getting in the way” when you are using it improperly. Maybe before you go onto the net and berate and pontificate about something you ought to know what your talking about. Could start by reading before writing.

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