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Traveling south I ‘flat slabbed it’ as the Americans put it to Currumbin where I refueled and along the way came up with a new variation on some of my favourite roads.

First I rode over the Currumbin border range. The air was cool and very clear so I stopped to try and capture the moment however I am still learning with this new camera and did not manage to do so well despite many attempts…

Border ranges

I had a smooth journey to Uki riding the road as it follows the river with Mt Warning standing tall in my view all the way it was very enjoyable. The new road south of Uki is also nice to ride. I know it lost many curves in the revamp but this new section flows smooth so I like it a lot.


I stopped for a morning coffee at the Sphinx Rock café Mt Burrell and while it was a nice rest they have stopped serving Merlo coffee which was a slight disappointment.  

South towards Kyogle a little further then I turned left to Nimbin. The road into Nimbin is still a mixture of surfaces some good some poor some gravel roadworks. Before Nimbin I turned left towards Turntable creek. There is a terrific view point a few km down this road over the whole of the Nimbin valley which I just could not capture well enough today with the new camera – maybe next time.

The road over to The Channon is narrow and tricky in parts with some loose surface but if you ride at a steady pace then no reason you cannot ride this route and focus on the scenery. After The Channon the road improves as does the landscape with the rolling hills always reminding me of the Tuscan hills in Italy. Maybe not as scenic but it is very pretty in parts with some beautiful grand homes scattered around the countryside as well. There may be a few hippies left but there are far more millionaires in these hills and beyond to Byron Bay.


When you ride from or to the Channon it is important to note the Dunoon road is not sealed all the way so you need to detour on Dorroughby road via Corndale.

The ride then is often along the ridge of the hills offering wonderful views of groves of macadamia trees mixed with lots of curves. This area is my favourite riding within one day of Brisbane. These scenic country roads have few cars and outside of the villages are mostly open road speed limits with no enforcement so you can relax and just ride to the conditions and enjoy yourself.

I was recalling today it was about 15 years ago that I was shown this area and it struck me how fast the years had passed. I often thought I would like to relocate to the area and change my life. You think you have plenty of time and yet the window to do some things in life is not as wide as it first may appear to be. Especially the big ticket items.

The road from Rosebank to Goonengerry is not in as good a condition as it used to be. Not a show stopper but I saw a herd of hogs on the road today and they seemed to be having a slow old time of it and I suspect the sports bike rider would not much like it either as need good suspension travel to soak up the bumps.

I had intended to get back to Murwillumbah Tweed Gallery for lunch but I was hungry and ready for a break at Mullumbimby. I tried a new to me café Poinciana located on the eastern side near the new Woolworths. Good service, tasty burger and strong coffee but my burger was priced very high and I naturally expected it to be a full meal with chips and salad but nope just a burger and not even a large one so give this place a miss as it is very expensive.

How clear is the air today!

I had a very smooth run back over the Tweed valley way and Burrunbah range and indeed over Numinbah despite the motorcycle volume jumping dramatically once north of the Tweed river. Warm enough today to call this the first ride of Spring.



  1. Thanks for the ride report Chef. I couldn't get out this weekend and I was watching the blog until 8:30 last night waiting to see where you went.

    Like you, I love that part of the world – so many options – so scenic – and so accessible. We are lucky to have the number of great quality day rides available to us here.

    I sensed you were getting a little deep and meaningful for a bit there… being out on a bike on a great day sort of helps put life in a bit of perspective. Hence the often quoted "Sometimes it takes a whole tank full of petrol before you can think straight".

    Thanks again for the reports – they are a highlight of my week.


  2. I saw that car too Anthony, the police tape around it looked ominous.

  3. Great ride report IC, I was in that part of the world on the weekend too….Burringbar was full of bikes when I went through. Strangely I didn't pass any bikes over Currumbin/Tomewin.

    Seeing the totalled car on its roof in the empty cane paddock just out of Murwillumbah was a reminder of how people can get it so wrong on that road. Don't know the details but it didn't look good.

    Love your photos you've taken.


  4. I marvel at your pictures (or is it the bike that makes them so pretty…?). Thanks for taking me out there, the area looks so beautiful.

  5. Thanks Skitta, I wrote the post before dinner then spent too much time in Adobe Lightroom trying to make something presentable out of the photos I took.

    Besides a slight crop now and again all my old photos were straight from the camera (and a more simple camera at that) so this, the first DSLR I have owned is not what I expected.

    Looking at other cameras on eBay now …

  6. I'm planning to do this route tomorrow. It's my 'Get outta Dodge' day.

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