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    Here is something you won’t see everyday.

    A German bike with an Italian number plate – in Australia.

    I ventured out yesterday into the northern hinterland again. I was invited by a friend to meet a couple from Italy who were here on their honeymoon and had brought their BMW along!

    Actually I was doing a different route today until the last minute my mate asked me to come along and lead this ride.

    It was a real pleasure to meet and talk with Antonio and Laura. (I hope I have spelling correct) They have just completed a 13,000km tour and I would dearly love to do something like that in Europe.

    Alot of bikes in the street at Kenilworth. Skip the coffee at the Top Cafe its not very good which explains why the cafe over the road is full and this one was empty.

    I drove about Europe and Scandinavia for a couple months when I was much younger in an old camper van and that was interesting however in hindsight at that age the Contiki type bus trip would have suited more.

    I purchased and resold that camper van in London but I am told that sort of thing is not possible insurance wise now so perhaps I was fortunate to experience that when I did.

    Great lunch at Graze

    Quite different to ride with a group again after many years riding solo. I much rather prefer to ride alone or with my regular ride partner however I enjoy the social side of a group ride when everyone stops somewhere.

    Talking to Antonio has me fired up for my first big solo tour in a month to Phillip Island for the Moto GP. And if all goes well with that then I expect I shall move on to much more touring here and overseas in the future.

    Someset dam seems to have a bit more water after the recent rains.

    Sat out a shower over a coffee at Miala cafe – good spot but lousy coffee.

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