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    Weather improved today so I decided to do a small ride after lunch.

    After a slow traffic light crawl out of the city I rode via Bunya Road and Clear Mountain Road which were mostly free of cars. The clouds looked rather dark and heavy and I was wondering if I had made a bad call. After Win road I rode back to Samford and up the road towards Mt Glorious. This was rather slow going due to traffic lights controlling one lane traffic on the mountain where the road had been damaged however the sun came back out so I pulled over to try my new lens.

    Wet up top so I turned to Mt Nebo and simply cruised. Stopped at camp mountain lookout and was going to do some more photography but the normally empty spot was a hub of activity today so rode on home via Waterworks road which was surprisingly light with traffic so allowed me to get home just a couple hours after I set off.

    Short but satisfying escape from home to refresh the mind.


    1. That's an awesome pic of your bike IC, all the chrome looks fantastic!

    2. Sometimes, just getting out on the bike and going for a ride is the best thing for the psyche, as I'm sure you're aware. I often find these short rides more relaxing than a big day out as there's often not a fixed route I need to worry about following – especially in unfamiliar territory.

    3. I must agree with Anthony, there. The angle, the 4 pipes, the chrome…
      Nice bike.

    4. Wow, stunning colours, and your bike is so photogenic. I agree with the previous posters: nice bike!

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