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    Yes I am going to sell my Buell. Nothing wrong with it or that I am unhappy with, just time to try something different, a new project.

    I have always liked the 70’s super bikes but had no desire to own or ride one. It is the looks I like not the 70’s handling, braking or power. I would never own another carby fueled bike either. The CB1100F that I have been posting on Facebook and that I rode in Japan has won me over and will make a great basis for a replica of the style and era I like. So that’s my plan.

    Despite the scattered showers I was determined to get out for a ride today, I had to have one more ride day with the Buell. So meeting my mate at Mudgeeraba we went west as direct as possible because it was wet on all the coastal hills and roads. We were both in a cruise sort of mode so riding the modestly curvy roads to the back of Nerang then over to Canungra and on to Beaudesert and Rathdowney for a short break was not unpleasant despite the non challenging roads in route.
    I think it was fitting that I got to ride Mt Lindsey on my last ride day with the Buell. One of my favorite roads in South East QLD, this bike with it’s very quick turn in is so much fun there. It also has this unflappable stability so mid corner uneven road or bump is handled very well, that gives great confidence given the condition of most of out roads.

    We rode south to Urbenville and refueled and had lunch at the pub. Huge serving of food at the Urbenville pub, give it a go it has a certain old time charm about it. After a long lunch talking about my ride in Europe and Japan and next years planned New Zealand ride it was time to come home. I did a U turn half way over Mt Lindsey and went for another ride over and back on the Buell.

    It has been a great two years on this bike, it has not put a foot wrong and while looking forward to a new project I know I am going to miss this one as well.

    I saw a lot of bikes on those western dry roads, hope you managed to get a ride in also, regards IC.


    1. Thanks Anthony & Sonja. The first photo came out really great just as I hoped it would.

      Doug I am after $10K firm for the bike. Will include all the extras fitted and the Buell panniers for a sale in next month via motorcycle paradise or the Buell community, ie a hassle free sale to genuine buyer before I advertise mainstream via bike sales when I shall remove extras. Can ship interstate for about $450, local sale will provide a RWC and for this I would prefer to fit new tyres so price is going to be about the same $10400 for QLD with new tyres and 6 months rego.

      Stuart I am thinking more replica of original CB750 🙂


      I like this one, don't go much on the screen but the general cafe racer look is outstanding. I'll interested to see which direction you go.

    3. Excellent write up Warren, sad to see the Buell go but your choice of next bike is excellent.
      Let me know the price and kilometres etc as I may have someone interested in buying.


    4. You managed to get some nice memories out of your last ride with the Buell. I like the first one, it looks like you are in dialogue with the bike. It is always a bit sad to sell a motorcycle that served you well but new bike time is also exciting. Good luck and safe riding. Cheers, Sonja

    5. Woohoo!! New Bike time!!!!

      Awesome photos today IC, especially love the first shot in front of the pub.

      The Buell really is a great looking bike, and it will be sadly missed….but the rides you've had and the posts you made about it have been great. Looking forward to the next chapter on the new bike.

      Have a great week

      Cheers, Anthony.

    6. Erik Buell says he is relaunching sales of his road going motorcycles in 2011 under the EBR name.

      Personally all the things that attracted me to Buells will be gone in the new bikes. I liked the original short nimble XB frame with the light air cooled engine. I liked the wide spread of torque for the street and frugal fuel economy. I liked that you could service it at home as no valve adjustment. And most of all that the bikes were designed for the road not about high performance or racing.

      The 1125 and his new bikes are a lot more powerful and sports focused which many people seemed happy about however I wanted him to continue with the XB. Plenty of narrow focused crotch rockets to choose from already.

    7. Great bike the 1125 R Buell. Have you heard about what Erik Buell is doing with these machines to set them up as racers?

    8. NSW side is great, the QLD side has some break up of the surface due to the trucks that use the road on weekdays however it is not enough to spoil the ride.

    9. Looking at those photos I suddenly think "I need to head out along Mt Lindsay again!" Good to see the surface has remained good with all the crap weather of late. I have been along there in over a year!

      Can you still tell when you have crossed the border by the sudden corrugation? Or have they finally fixed it up on the NSW side?

    10. Ah I wish I had room for more but only one small storage room so one bike at a time only.

      They certainly do stand out, will miss the "what bike is that' conversation starter that the Buell is.

    11. I have seen your Buell on the roads outside of Brisbane a handful of times, and it has always stood out – something about the pearl & blue combination and that it is a Buell (which well, always look different!).

      Still, there is something about the rehashed naked Honda 4s – they have a style which is just lacking on modern nakeds (eg. the ubiquitous street/speed triple, despite their great features, look… off). Typical of Honda street bikes I imagine they run and handle pleasantly. If I had space for a 3rd bike, and if it was to be a naked… oh well.

      Good luck with the sale.

    12. I didn't see the cards, will look next time. Qld side was broken up but Nsw side was ok. With all this rain I expect it will be awhile before the road is in good shape.

    13. Hey, notice the picture on the business cards at The Crown? I was ride leader of the ride that photo was from. Woohoo! They are lovely people in that pub.

      Last time we road Mt Lindesay, the Qld side was full of potholes and the NSW side had that diesel stuff on the road from roadworks. Felt like we had flat tyres the way traction came/went. Quite unsettling.


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