Beechmont once upon a time used to be poor surface and I rarely saw another bike up there but then it was upgraded and became one of the most popular rides on the south side. There are superb views over the Gold Coast and then also to the west. Green dairy fields and you can detour up Binna Burra for further scenic riding. I moved to riding over the border more as this got too busy on Sundays but one of my favourites still.

I have removed the original post as it was too old, please refer to the map for location of this road – expand it to have the legend and list of roads displayed.


  1. In recent months (Jan-Feb ’08) there has been some road maintenance on the lower section of Beechmont Rd, leaving a grooved, dusty patch for about 1 km. The works have been poorly filled with a 1.5cm edge, so take care on this section.

    The worst part is they ruined some of the best corners on the way up there.

  2. Anonymous

    They have changed the speed limit to nearly all of the road to 60 kmh

  3. I was contemplating whether or not to go up there today and I almost changed my mind when i caught up with a bit of drizzle on Mt Tambourine i thought i'd wait it out by getting some gas and a snack to eat. Sooo glad i did, the section of road between lower beechmont and the nerang intersection is so much fun… i can see why it is popular, i'd never hit it on the weekend as i can see how crazy it could get. It's purely a week day spot for me… think i might go again tomorrow…lol

  4. I actually have not ridden it for ages however it is a great ride. Do turn off to the lookout on a clear day, one of the better view points.

  5. Great pics, I live up here and the roads are awesome!

  6. Been up there last weekend and yep is an awesome road to ride on.
    Some Spots on the road need repairs but if you control your wrist by not over speeding you will be fine.
    Live here and go up often to Flying bean cafe .the view is crazy.

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