The original version of this post was the very first on the then new Motorcycle Paradise blogger site 11th July 2006. I was bringing things over from my previous ‘home page’ and started with this road.

I think this was the first road I went south looking for when I got my motorcycle licence. I seem to recall it was my friends favorite and for a long while I would have called it my favorite road as well. There is the more open section before a climb with many tight corners with older surveying. The one lane wooden bridges were slippery and there was a one lane narrow section with sheer cliff face as well.

I rarely rode the upper section choosing to turn down Pine creek road to Numinbah valley but there is some terrific scenery in the upper areas and the best lookouts in the whole border ranges.

I have removed the original post as it was too old, please see the map for location of this road. 


  1. Hi mate

    Aussie buell here, I checked this site out the other day and it helped me decide to go south again for a while.

    I did the Springbrook ride but came down the hill instead of your suggested up.

    I just wanted to add an update for riders. There is brand new top quality bitumen on all the corners at the bottom of the range. Beautiful smooth corners but as it is new road works, there is a lot of loose dirt and small amount of gravel just before and after all the new sections.

    Absolutley still worth going and not to be missed, just a heads up as you power through the superb corner only to get a smallish suprise at the end.

    BTW great site mate

  2. Thanks, most of the loose stones have been swept away by cars on that lower couple of sections as of writing this but still a bit uneven. That new hotmix is superb. I got stuck with alot of road works today so expect some more new surface to appear soon.

  3. Heya, great site! I’ve done a few of those rides, but definitely not enough of them… Thanks for taking the time to list them all out and write about them and put photos up etc…

    Have you thought about putting up the routes on

  4. Hey Just rode this ride at the advice of this article and wooo what an awesome trip. My friend and I did it on our 600’s and on a weekday (love RDO’s) it was a really enjoyable route – the turns seemed to end way too quickly though! The lookout is awesome.

    This is a great site!!!

  5. You know what they say – time flys when your having fun – the good roads are like that!

    Ride up Springbrook and down Pine Crk road to the T junction then left to ride Hinze raceway and then go up to Lower Beechmont and have a drink at the general store then turn around and ride em all in reverse order 🙂

  6. Hey I meant turn RIGHT at the T in my last comment – turn left for Numminbah!

  7. Anonymous


    This is Rare White Ape from the forums.

    I recommend heading all the way up to Springbrook and looking for the Best Of All lookout. It’s at the end of Repeater Station Road (which is a neat little blat in itself) and is a 300m walk from the carpark.

    I hadn’t been there in about ten years until I rode up there again this week. I had some spare time and thought, what the hell, for old times sake.

    I swear, even if you’ve been there before, steeping out and seeing that vista takes your breath away every single time. I won’t spoil it for you – you MUST go there yourself.

  8. That is a great tip Rare White, I must revisit there myself once the weather cools down and you get the super clean coastal morning air – can see forever.

  9. Anonymous

    Test your skills on this ride. Worth getting to top. If you get three quarters up and change your mind you can turn down a road which you can get to the boarder of queensland and nws. Sorry dont now names of roads. Give it a go.

  10. Anonymous

    Hi Iron chef
    I just joined this site. I came up from Sydney and I used to go to some road where bike guys gather. Now move to Tweed, no knowledge of road. So, I Google it. This site is the most informative and enjoyable web page I come cross. There are so many nice road that I did not know! I put my bike on but now I do not think I am selling it!! You made me re-think about enjoyment of ride.

    I went Springbrook RD by car on Sat while kids are doing something. I went till Munburra lookout, "The Gourmet Galah". Had a coffee there and thought… Such a nice road if Im with my bike!

    So, Sunday, I went back. Joined this road from Mudgeeraba. Mate, so many nice corners, tight and loose, not many cars nor push bikes. Road was almost clean, not much tree branches or stone chips. Most of corner is visible for the end.This time, went to the last stop, "Best of all lookout". What a nice view there, too.

    From Tweed, it is only 15 minutes, then corners after the corners. Then stylish old cafe and town and great view.

    I will definitely go back that road again.

    Thank you for let me enjoy the Bike ride again!

  11. Glad you could enjoy, lots more in that area too!

  12. Unfortunately this nice piece of road is currently closed and not expected to open until late 2018 at the earliest.

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