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    This road used to get a lot of press and overshadowed much better rides in the border ranges. It is scenic in parts but the nearby Mt Lindsey road is arguably a better ride overall. I actually know this road from when I was a lad with my parents. The creek crossings had no bridges then all stoney river beds to drive through and it was not sealed. The road was gradually sealed and first had concrete ‘ford’ river crossings which later became wooden bridges and now concrete.

    You can locate this road on the map, expand to see the list.


    1. Hi all,i travel from Rosewood to Kyogle via the Lions road and through to Stoney Chute where the parents live,this has to be my favourite roads.
      Keep shiney side up.

    2. WAY too rough for any real quick stuff

    3. It is bumpy near the border and rather unpredictable, a legacy presumably of the simple surveying, being constructed by the Lions and not Main Roads department. Reminds me of the roads around Snowy Mtns hydro scheme.

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