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    There was another mountain in the Gold Coast Hinterland but one I rarely went west to ride. O’Reilly’s was a one way dead end road and originally had a poor surface but later it was upgraded and on a clear day the views were really good from the lower lookout before the actual top of the mountain. Besides a dead end, not much in the way of cafes was another deterrent for me but it was always low traffic and enjoyable outing.

    You can locate this road on the map, expand to see the list.

    These ‘good road’ posts were published 2006-2008. At some point the original images and descriptions became out of date and I moved overseas. I archived them here to update when I ride Australia again. This collection is just my own personal riding records, not a definitive list.


    1. hi Chef, We rode to O’reilly’s in Feb and locals warned us about the coaches on the road, we timed our ride to be going with the traffic and headed back while they were showing the touros around the bush.We came apon only one huge coach in the narrow forested section going in the same direction so not too scary. Its a REALLY narrow road in parts so take no chances..Can’t wait to do it again tho’

    2. Hi Ducati Girl,

      I agree you definitely need to take it easy in some sections. Fortunately I have not encountered any buses in the narrow sections – however I have seen them up the top so have been lucky.

      For me this isn’t a road I would ride too often but something enjoyable in it’s own way for those times when I feel like a bit of a change.


    3. I rode this yesterday, first time. The scenery is realy nice. The ride it self is only good if you go slow. That way it's not so tense and you can enjoy the view too. Not for those days when you feel like Matt Mladin. It is different for sure and will do it again. I recommend this as a "romantic" ride with your sweet heart on the back seat.

    4. Hi John,

      Yep not a road to go too fast on, the surface is varied, nice for when in a exploring mood with no time clock.

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