This is probably the first route in Australia I ever read about as a good motorcycle ride. For people in Sydney I guess this might be the number one ride? It is a great bit of tar.

Quite a few road side crosses of riders that took it too serious which reminded me of Mt Glorious in Brisbane also has same. I imagine police would also love this road but I have not been back since my visit as prefer to skirt around Sydney but next tour downunder I shall.

I have removed the original post as it was too old, please open the map full screen to view listing of all roads.



  1. Anonymous

    Your video is spectacular. Thanks for the memories as we have riden the road, car free for 100kms! How fabulous to watch it all over again on the computer seat. Great road! Keep up the filming.

  2. the rgv250 is my mate aarons bike, he the r6 with the ventura rack in the pic is mine I just replied anonymously to ur oxley highway thread (the 750km one) small world hey!

  3. Sorry to people who have commented here I have revised this post (it was long overdue) and updated photos and the text. So some comments might seem disconnected now – its unavoidable as I improve the info for readers.

    Thanks Daniel – it is a small world indeed!

  4. Great road. I travel it every three months or so (in a car unfortunately) – last time on a bike there was 1971 (fast!) on my new BMW. Sad to say, the Halfway Roadhouse burned down a few years ago (I first stopped there for fuel in 1968).

  5. Good Evening All Fellow Bike Riders,

    As resident living on the Putty Road I have seen many road accidents involving cars alone, cars vs cars, bike alone, bike vs car.

    Well, once more my family and I observed a fatal end result this evening.

    We all love the Putty as it offers an array on conditions and surfaces, however, this is not piece of road to be taken lightly.

    Nor is it a piece of road that will forgive you if you run out of talent.


  6. Anonymous

    i live at cessnock and the putty road is pritty much my back yard i ride a gsxr1000 and me and my mates are looking for people for ride days if u like the putty then u will have to get yourself to the bruce highway heading to port its 70 km ov thje best road u will ever have the pleasure ov if u are heading up to singleton from sydney and are not sure ov the weather feel free to ring me for weather updates my side ov the putty 49304669 ps the last 5 km has moss in the middle ov the road and there is no amount ov talent that will help u if u dont see it so keep it on 2 wheels

    • If you've still got a vacancy, I ride the north(twisty)bit of the Putty every few weeks from the Central Coast…also have a gix thou k6 a spirited ride with company if possible…my old compadres have gone off road…phil 0437979880

  7. I'm an occasional rider and a newcastle-based GP. Reading of all the roadside memorials reminded me of a recent conversation with a colleague who staffs the John Hunter Hospital Emergency Department. I was shocked to hear her say that they generally receive at least one motorcycle trauma airlift per week from the putty Rd. There are so many variables beoynd your control on a bike. Enjoy, but keep thinking of the ones who will miss you if you don't make it back. Take good care.

  8. I'm a learner and just bought the LAMs Laro Pro Street 350 . Have ridden her down south through the Royal National Park and up North on the Old Road and she goes like a dream! After reading this, I think the Putty road is going to be my next ride!

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  10. I moved up to Sydney from Melbourne and have spent the past few months riding some of the best roads in Oz up here. The Putty Rd is great from end to end, but beware the moss at the northern end an trucks cutting the corners. Mark

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