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    Just south of Cairns the Gilles highway runs from Gordonvale to the Atherton Tableland. It has 258 corners in the main 19km section and is the premium ride in northern Queensland and indeed easy one of the best motorcycle roads in the state however it’s a long way for people to come and ride.

    The nearby Parmerston highway is also a good road with more open sweepers and you have a wonderful loop if these were combined. Kuranda range is the third climb up to the Tablelands and also a nice ride but shorter with more traffic. The tablelands themselves have nice riding and lots of waterfalls and lookouts.

    I have driven all these roads a few times and had planned to ride them but the affordable bike rentals seem to have all gone and we are left with Eagle Rider and their obscenely expensive prices. Cairns in general had become very expensive on my last visit and I have pushed riding there down my list despite visiting family in Townsville every year.

    You can locate this road on the map, expand to see the list.

    These ‘good road’ posts were published 2006-2008. At some point the original images and descriptions became out of date and I moved overseas. I archived them here to update when I ride Australia again. This collection is just my own personal riding records, not a definitive list.


    1. This is AWESOME !!!!!

      I looked at having my bike shipped up from Brisbane – $4-500.

      So i’ll have to allow more time and just ride up there one day !!

      ROck on!!

    2. I have ridden around the Brisbane area and love it to bits. The Somerset Dam loop is definatley my favourite so far. Mount Mee, Mount Sampson, Mount Glorious, Mount Nebo and Somerset Dam all in a days ride. Sensational and only 4 sets of traffic lights and 3 intersections..(!)

    3. Anonymous

      Brisbane is only 2500km from the Gilles!! 😀

    4. I have been going to do a fly and ride long weekend in Cairns for some time. It just seems to have slipped off my radar with all the other travel I do.

      Also cost is just that bit extra than hopping on your own bike and riding off for a few days but I am still looking to do it.

    5. You missed the Rex range which runs up to the Tablelands north of Port Douglas just south of Mossman, Is less crowded than the others and a superb bit of road.

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