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    Top to bottom the Great Alpine road starts more or less at Myrtleford and runs all the way to Bairnsdale.

    The road is pleasant enough until Harrietville where it starts to climb into the snow gums. The tar here is extra soft, take care in summer.

    Over the top there are good views at Mt Hotham with scenery for Australia that cannot be seen elsewhere.  After the plateau the road drops in a series of excellent road sections to Omeo.

    South of here is the best sections for me as the the road sweeps and turns down to and along the valley and follows the Tambo river. A top three ride in Australia no doubt.

    You can locate this road on the map, expand it to see the full list.

    These ‘good road’ posts were published 2006-2008. At some point the original images and descriptions became out of date and I moved overseas. I archived them here to update when I ride Australia again. This collection is just my own personal riding records, not a definitive list.


    1. Gday Ironchef
      I did the GAR down to Omeo and back in January and found that they used a very soft asphalt from Hotham to about halfway to Harrietville. This stuff just turns to goo with a bit of heat and is quite slippery. A mate highsided when the road surface just let go.
      Spring or Autumn would seem to be the best times to travel this section.


    2. Hi Fozzy,

      I was lucky it was cold and firm but upon reflection I did stop and inspect it and wonder how soft it was as it felt funny at times. Now that the buzz of this tour has died down I probably am going to revise my review slightly downward as Hotham to Harrietville isnt really anything special.

    3. I drove my car there and slid more than i have on any other dry road. Remember to take it easy up there on your bike.

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