How to access using a mobile phone.

Home page

The red arrow is pointing to the menu. Touch that icon (on home page not here).

(If you see a black home page it means you have a slow connection and the background video has not loaded yet)

Main Menu

Now you see the main menu. Touch the down arrow buttons (not the words) to see sub menus.

Sub Menus

Now you see the sub menus. Touch any of these to see the content in that section.

If you find the menus confusing or are lost then you can always view the site map HERE

Why is the layout like this?

You probably are familiar with using simplified phone apps or sites that divert to a basic page made for phones. That approach is great for presenting a small amount of information however my blog is 15 years and 30 gigabytes of motorcycle travel and I provide visitors access to all the content not just the latest article.

The best user experience can be found via PC – this is a photographic travel site so if you view it on a phone you will not get the full experience. However I recognise more people, despite having a PC, view the internet via their phone so I have tried to make some compromises without dumbing down the site so much that it defeats the purpose.