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    I think I may try alternating between riding on Sunday to riding on Saturdays. I went for a Saturday ride for a change and experienced a better ride due to far less traffic.ย 

    While tempted to go to my favourite northern NSW area I thought maybe the north might be quieter on a Saturday and it is much quieter and more enjoyable. I was even able to use the Bruce highway to come home quickly which I would not attempt on a Sunday afternoon.

    I tried a couple of different (to my usual) cafes today. First a coffee at Woodford Cafe Cabaret, nice spot to sit and watch the bikes roll by, even has a lounge chair out front on the footpath.

    Had lunch at Sweethearts cafes at Eudlo and the coffee was good, focaccia was ordinary.

    Spoiled for choice where to stop riding north. I was too late for coffee too early for lunch in either Maleny or Kenilworth but still there seems to be cafes at almost every turn between Dayboro and Mapelton.

    I am still missing the cruise control from the BMW in North America. Had a bit of wrist cramp setting in on the way. I am tempted to drag out the Vista throttle lock device from retirement and fit it to the CBโ€ฆ but throttle lock devices only provide a few moments rest as the bikes never seem to sit at a constant speed for long, either slowly decelerating or slowly gaining speed. I have a couple of throttle wrist rest devices too but found they do not work well either. Shame, I do not want a tourer but would like some of their features. What I am going to get is one of the higher seats that are available for the CB in Japan as the extra leg room will give me a good boost in comfort. If it is suitably cushioned then I may be able to remove the Air Hawk as well. Looks wise it does not bother me just would enjoy having more seat to move about on.

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