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Y.M.M.V. and other post-it notes

I am a fan of motorcycles. All of them are great. Even electric ones. A small 125cc scooter is more fun, more empowering than driving any car. I do not bother to explain why to people anymore since everyone only sees things from their own perspective hence it is a […]

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The Lost Years

Ten years ago. Taken at the Australian ‘Mt Panorama’ racetrack in Bathurst NSW.  I was on my way to Melbourne and grossly under equipped for such a ride. It is about the same distance as LA to Vancouver which even from afar I know to be a big change in […]

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Almost Famous

Now and again I see someone on social media referring to a ‘famous moto blogger’. Being curious I wander over to YouTube to hear what is being broadcast by these celebrated individuals. I wondered, do that many regular motorcyclists really watch ‘this is me riding my bike to the shop’ […]

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The Journey is the Destination

I saw a meme on Facebook the other day with that quote. The Journey is the Destination attributed to Dan Eldon a photojournalist who’s life was cut short tragically. A book with the same title has been released based on his journals. As a motorcycle rider I certainly relate to […]

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