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Ten years ago. Taken at the Australian ‘Mt Panorama’ racetrack in Bathurst NSW.  I was on my way to Melbourne and grossly under equipped for such a ride. It is about the same distance as LA to Vancouver which even from afar I know to be a big change in climate but the notion that the same would exist in my home country at the time escaped me.

I recently updated the photos of that ride in 2007 after Blogger broke them. All are now larger and some extra not previously published have been added.

So glad I started this journal. Previous to this the years are compressed and what I did has been lost.



  1. Nice one Warren
    I read your post and had to laugh how much you underestimated the Aus Alps. I used to live out in central western NSW with winter temps being as low as -5°C and got caught out once, but never again. I always take thermals into the alpine areas now as a must. I can see how as a QLDner you got caught out.

    Brilliant area the NSW snowy mountains.

    • Thanks Steve, it's funny now thinking back to what I was wearing, and then after going to BCF I only got the cheapest thermal base layer on the shelf while my outer remained jeans and leather jacket haha. I really have done all the dumb things, maybe I shall do another blog entry on that theme 😀

  2. Great pic Warren. I always enjoy seeing pics from back in the day.

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