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Now and again I see someone on social media referring to a ‘famous moto blogger’. Being curious I wander over to YouTube to hear what is being broadcast by these celebrated individuals. I wondered, do that many regular motorcyclists really watch ‘this is me riding my bike to the shop’ videos? Took me a while to realise the numbers reflect the much wider audience. Virtual riding is popular with couch potatoes, people with mundane lives who will never ride but harbour a secret wish to.

As usual my timing is out for this. I was a video enthusiast for 10-12 years when younger. VHS-C, Hi-8, Mini-DV. I stopped because I was making things to entertain others not please myself. Doing that since YouTube has proven wildly popular and turned people with little talent or charisma into so called famous bloggers.

Anyway I sold my GoPro Hero 5 session the other day to refocus purely on still photography so guess I am destined to remain almost famous.


  1. Nothing wrong with having to stop a little more often for pictures. Hubby didn't like his GoPro either as it seemed to be unreliable.

    He did just buy a 360˚Fly and is attempting to see how it goes. So far a bit more user friendly but the quality doesn't see to be there. Time will tell.

    • My goal is to master the slow ride Brandy. To be stopping more and not feeling I need to skip anything or push on. I'd say I am half way there.

  2. I do watch YouTube but I am more to the older type which is a photography blog type of fella. If anyone were to ask me to produce a content for YouTube I won't know what to say and where to start.

    • Vloggers are delivering better content now than when I first wrote this. The new Gopro cameras are good quality and then there are drones and a few even employ a semi professional cameraman to film them and have sound studio.

      I find video reviews of things made very well on YouTube. Motorcycle touring videos apart from the odd sponsored ride being staged are still pretty rough and I prefer to see photos rather than POV helmet cam but I can see that improving also.

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