I am a fan of motorcycles. All of them are great. A 125cc scooter is more fun, more empowering than driving any car. I do not bother to explain why to people anymore since everyone only sees things from their own perspective hence it is a waste of time to try explain motorcycles as much as it is to explain vegemite on toast. This sign sums everything up even if the true essence may not be grasped.

When younger I was very concerned to fit in or belong to a group and more focused on impressing other guys who cared less than more important things I could have been pursuing. Now I often lament not going my own way and all the chances lost. But I guess we are all seeking a way forward when young and YMMV on any particular choice.

Not every opportunity missed in life would have proved a good choice, in hindsight it is easy to say should have done that but in hindsight you know which horse wins every race. I think it is good to look at the train wrecks we dodged in life, the dangerous stages we got through, the relationships we exited and now breath a sigh of relief about and other small mercies that have come our way. It’s easy to be distracted by the lives of others but I enjoy riding a 125cc moped along some beach track in Philippines far more than the German car and luxury condo I once owned.

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Chiller tek
3 years ago

Haha I dread the coming event of electric only bikes and no gas powered one's. Have you heard the sound electric bikes make say compared to a crossplane R1. Give me petrol or give me death.

Warren Mallett
3 years ago
Reply to  Chiller tek

Ah! you see that is my main point of difference, I like the sound of electric motors winding up.

Yes you read that right. Years of working with electric traction in trains I developed a odd appreciation for what they can do. Especially when they propel massively heavy passenger trains forward at improbable acceleration rates. Which is not really something you can hear in Australia but here with 300kph bullet trains and even suburban trains that hit 160kph it is something else.

But then again I may just be weird.