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I first started posting about bikes and roads to ride around 1996 to a ‘home page’ (remember those?). That turned into Motorcycle Paradise on Blogger in 2006 and became this WordPress site in 2019.

Along the way I posted maps with the roads I toured in Australia, then later Thailand and in recent years Japan where I now live.

The Google map below shows all the good riding roads I know for Australia. Nearly all I have toured, a couple added by a fellow moto blogger for me to explore when travel becomes a thing again. Open the map using the brackets icon in right upper corner to it’s own page to see the list of road names.

These roads originally were all individual articles on the blog, you can view that content HERE.

Are you planning to visit and ride Australia?

The South East states of Australia have many well preserved turn of the century towns and good riding over varying landscapes.

If you want to enjoy a little riding as well as a family holiday then Brisbane/Gold Coast is also a gateway to consider. There is no big city traffic to escape, you can be riding good roads in 20 minutes from your hotel while also having the beaches and theme parks for the family or significant other – but it is less historic than the south.

However from Brisbane my former home base you can easy access the New England Tablelands which is some of the best riding and scenery also boasting historic towns and great country pubs. As little as 4-5 days will allow you to experience a lot.

If looking to tour the country more then whatever you do please avoid the main coast highway which is nothing like you might imagine – these are concrete interstates and you will see nothing. Also the main highway across the middle of the country Darwin to Adelaide is horribly boring.

I read ride reports from people who come and only see the red centre desert who missed out on the counties varied landscapes and fascinating gold rush history of the eastern states when outlaws roamed the land just like the wild west of the USA – they often post how boring the riding was, don’t make the same mistake.

Please take a look at my Downunder Tour for an idea of what else can be seen.


  1. Good job! Now I know what to do over winter… reading up on your trips 馃槈 Thank you!

  2. What an excellent detailed notes. Being new to Australia and adherent fan of riding i would pick up your notes and go by it blindly. Heap Thanks!

  3. woow

    I hope to live there (NSW) in a few months
    Get a bobber, scrambler or cafe racer and hit that roads

  4. Warren, Just wanted to thank you for your wealth of information. For those of you reading this, I was charged with the project of organising a bike tour from Brisbane to Sydney over 3.5 days for senior execs from Germany. For someone with limited experience with bikes and minimal knowledge of the best routes, Warren's blog and personal contact helped me to plan an awesome trip with really great biking roads. Keep up the great work Warren, I'll be looking forward to some Aussie updates when you return and I'm sure I'll have some new projects in the future! Regards Katie

  5. Great Work Warren! I've enjoyed reading every bit of your blog each time. It's inspired me and I've followed your routes and done the Northern Thailand region myself.
    Looking at your map, I've noticed Omeo Hwy in Victoria hasn't been done. Not sure if you've gone through there or not, but I highly recommend you that section of road from Tallangatta to Omeo. I can confirm that section of road is completely sealled now and is stunning!
    I'd recommend Vietnam as well if you haven't done it yet. I did the Top Gear trip which is quite popular now. Flamingo Motorcycles Rentals do One way bike hire from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, which is great so that you don't have to return back.
    Keep up the great work!
    It's a joy to read!

    • Hi Takuma, thanks for kind words. I was going to ride Omeo recently but rain forced me to cancel.
      I am back in Thailand now with a group of guys trying to no be solo traveling so much.
      I am looking at Vietnam. Maybe a loop from Da Nang in the future as a start.
      Thanks Warren

  6. Hey Warren, I鈥檓 Gary, husband of Ladyonmotorbike. I posted this elsewhere but you may not have seen it: We use your Best Motorcycle rides Australia Google map quite a lot, it鈥檚 very useful. Is there some way we could add rides to it as we discover them? A couple of examples from just this weekend are Turondale Road (an alternative route between Hill End and Bathurst) and Spring Ridge Road close to Gulgong, which broke up an otherwise boring ride to Dubbo. Both are sealed roads with reasonable surfaces.

    • Hi Gary, it would be great to have the best roads info updated. There seems a renewed interest in motorcycle touring in Australia recently but I am unable to get back home for a while yet. Please use the blog contact page to get in touch with me.

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