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It’s been a long time since I have been riding. Actually I’ve been unwell. I managed to get in short ride around my local peninsula to charge the battery and I was delighted with the easy riding roads that weave between green farms.

I realized I should have a been exploring this area on a small bike like a Honda Cub. Also working on another of my best roads maps but with a focus on good local eateries.

2022 I had so many plans. Riding in USA and Canada then Pakistan. I had decided to get a new car and that would be the exciting Toyota GR86. But I had a huge set back… I am not good at getting the balance right with personal sharing on my blog but here goes:

In April I was diagnosed with cancer. I won’t go into details, it is quite serious but there is some chance for treatment. Seeking that treatment in Japan has unfortunately not really gone to plan, I am now rushing home to Australia.

I will tackle this cancer with the same determination I have applied to all the solo ADV rides that I have set off on and figuratively speaking I’ve loaded my GPS with a route for ‘cancer free’ future and I’m going to try my best to get there.

Lots of countries and adventures I want to ride yet.


  1. I know that you are always enjoying your own road! You be there. Best luck to you!

  2. Quick recovery bro. You got this.

  3. Sorry to hear that Warren but thank you for sharing. I’m not religious or a Jedi but I will now definitely be sending positive thoughts your way.
    You got this mate.?

  4. I was in shock after reading this, sorry to hear it. Likewise Dave’s comment, wishing you well.

  5. Really sorry to hear the news Warren, that’s a helluva shock. Every good wish for tackling it head on with the same positive and enthusiastic approach you’ve brought to life on the road. Take good care of yourself.

    • Thanks Geoff, positive mindset is a key to success with this.

      • You will get through this …… when I read your adventures I was inspired to do the same.
        I completed a 3 week tour of Northern Thailand in July and am doing Northern Vietnam for 4 weeks in November.
        All the best mate and get well soon.

        • Hi Brendon, thanks for the support, I hope to be riding again next year on a couple new adventures if all goes well with my treatment. Best wishes for your ride in Vietnam, good time for the northern loop I think if you are heading that way, I will return to Vietnam and Thailand also, such great destinations.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. When I saw a new post finally I was full of positive anticipation. So I was horrified to hear that you are facing cancer. All my best wishes Warren. I hope that anticipation of future road trip through North America, Pakistan and all the other beautiful places in the world gives you the strength to deal with this challenge.

  8. Never give up, never give up, never give up! – Sir Winston Churchill
    Don’t give up Bro! Beat it so we can do moto tour around Utah.

  9. I was looking forward to a new travel adventure, but shocked to see this update, Stay Strong Warren!!
    Sending you positive thoughts, prayers.
    I believe you will come back stronger and travel more on your motorcycle ✊
    Take care.

  10. Dale Holmes

    Hi Warren, I have been reading your website the last couple of years with great interest. I had travelled quite a lot in Asia over the last 10 years before the pandemic, riding small motorbikes in a lot of different places. I am off to Cambodia tomorrow for 4 weeks, followed by North Vietnam for 4 weeks, where my father will join me.
    I had been wondering if you had any travel planned, now that international travel is starting up again. Terrible to hear about your cancer. Good luck in you treatment and recovery, and well done for producing this excellent blog / website. – Dale, Tasmania

    • Thanks very much Dale for your support and kind words. Have a great ride in Cambodia and Vietnam.

      I am riding virtually via other rider blogs and books this year. I will try post a little new content to the blog occasionally 🙂

  11. Warren. Great fan of your maps. Thanks to them (to you) I got to nice places and enjoyed beautiful views. Shocked and sad to hear about your diagnosis. Stay strong an possitive. Wish you a prompt recovery.

  12. Michael Moynihan

    Hi Warren, very sorry to hear about your cancer. I had wondered what happened as you were very quiet. Wishing you a great successful recovery. Too many roads and “tembodais” for yo to explore.. just went around Izu with the Ducati club today. Pushing positive thoughts out to you mate.

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