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Since Covid I’ve had lots of spare time to examine my gear and realised much of it was worn out or no longer met my standard for comfort or safety. Most recent item I threw out was my crap Alpinestar summer gloves and replaced them with these.

Rough and Road perforated short gloves

Summer gloves by their nature are never going to offer the protection of full gloves however these from Rough and Road seem decent quality.

The construction has the hard knuckle and finger protectors concealed and adds extra layers of leather in palm and wrist as well uses mesh inserts between fingers to improve air flow.

Coolmax liner

An uncommon feature in summer gloves is a Coolmax liner. I dislike gloves where my skin directly contacts leather. This is never as comfortable as a lined glove and will often cause a skin irritation for me unless I apply barrier creme.

With these gloves I can skip the barrier creme as well enjoy the extra comfort of the lining. It perhaps ever so slightly lessens the airflow but I can still feel air flowing through once moving and the Coolmax liner wicks moisture away.


The inner stitching of the fingers makes or breaks glove comfort for me. These are not perfect but acceptable but then the Coolmax liner elevates that so overall the fingers are comfortable. Much better than Alpinestars and Dainese summer gloves I have owned, probably two of the worst brands I have used over the years.

I’ve completed two weeks of touring and temperatures reached 38 degrees but my hands remained comfortable and dry in these gloves. That Coolmax liner really makes a difference wicking away moisture.

Cost about $70.00 AUD

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