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I am sitting back waiting for the sponsors to knock on my door bearing gifts as I bask in the sun being number 5 in Top Motorcycle Touring Blogs on Feedspot.

Whistling … Long time later… ?. Oh well guess it’s back to the salt mines if I want new gear. Hi ho, Hi ho…

Speaking of which I tidied my gear cabinet. Winter cabin fever has already set in and it’s not even one month into the season ?. A couple of empty coat hangers now – I’ve bitten the bullet and am forcing myself to throw out most of my Alpinestars gear.

The stitching on the Andes gear is coming apart, the velcro no longer holds, the Drystar liner has almost no affect in stopping rain, despite just five years old I have lost faith in the gear. My Alpinestars ST-5 pants are eleven years old and remain in better condition. Clearly better made to begin with. But their armor is deteriorating so it’s best I call time on them too since Santa Claus delivered some new riding pants to me that I will be posting about soon.

Joining the Alpinestars is my BMW City Pants (mark 1) also eleven years old. Good pants but their stitching was coming apart way back on my India ride. I sewed them up but in the back of my mind thought – if the stitching was coming apart then possibly the integrity (strength) of the pants was lost too so packed them away thinking I would find a use for them but I didn’t because motorcycle pants are not the sort of thing you wear going to the mall or painting the deck or basically anything else but riding.

Off to the charity clothing collection bin with the lot, perhaps they will turn up at the rural markets in Philippines like I visited on my big ride there in 2014. Most small towns had a second hand clothing market with 1000’s of items from charity clothing bins in Australia selling for a dollar each. But I digress, where was I, oh yes, off to the salt mines.

Seasons Greetings ?

Correction – I originally mentioned an inactive blog was included in the list making me ponder light heartedly the lists credibility. That was incorrect and has been removed.


  1. Number 3 is ……. Bandit Rider, not Tarsnakes? Andrew is posting all the bloody time……not sure if he actually has a job……?

    • How did I get so confused, too much Christmas cheer? I read Andrew’s blog all the time, it’s great.

      But I had Jules’s blog open in my browser when I wrote the draft of this post a few days back which I arrived at from the list…

      Something bit odd.

      Oh well I better correct things , thanks Dave.

  2. Not sure how much faith one could put in their lists. The top 100 motorcycle blogs features dozens of motorcycle online magazines. They are not blogs and don’t belong in the list in my opinion.
    There are a couple of decent blogs as we know them in there thou. Glad you made it on both lists.

    • I have zero faith in these type of lists.
      Hence my poking fun at it, or trying to 馃檪
      I have no desire for sponsorship or advertising.
      Actually I turned down an offer to work with a major name couple years back after I dipped my toe in that water and found I did not like what it entailed and prefer to maintain integrity and editorial control.

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